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S2 Unable to view photo previews on computer desktop on phone connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Captainspank, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Captainspank

    Captainspank Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi team,

    Upgraded my SG S2 last week to Ice Cream and all in all it’s been pretty good.

    One annoying thing I’ve noticed aside from certain app permissions having to be reset. Is on connecting the phone to my PC, I’m unable to view photo preview icons from the phone folder on my desktop unless I actually open them. This is both under MTP & PTP mode. I’ve changed the different view options in Windows 7 to no avail and tried on different PC’s too so it’s the phone that’s stoping this photo icon preview. Does anyone know a way around this?

    I’m not looking to sync via Keis. Purely after a plug and play option like I had when on gingerbread as often on different computers. Even my old HTC Magic using Fryo could do this fine.



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  2. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Android Enthusiast

    Might be a windows security update thing. Is it coincidence it happened at the same time. I can't see thumbnails either, but if I open one of them I can jump left and right to the next ones in Windows photo viewer? A work around perhaps.
  3. Captainspank

    Captainspank Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes it opens via windows viewer, but then I have to cycle through all the photo's to find what I'm after, rather than viewing them all at once in the icon format. Not sure what they are trying to achieve in doing this moving away from the plug and play scenario. Have only tested on Windows 7 machines, but then I shouldn't be restricted to different OS's just to get around it if it is only on Windows 7 this happens.
  4. Captainspank

    Captainspank Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just an update this happens only on ICS released through Keis. Most of the modded ICS releases have addressed this issue giving you the plug play option to view images in icon view via Windows.

    So looks like I'll have to root the phone to get around it and run a different ICS.
  5. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    Mine always did this, even on Gingerbread (Stock Orange ROM). :(
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    Don't need root to flash another IcS. Just search for latest and appropriate one and flash via Odin
  7. Captainspank

    Captainspank Lurker
    Thread Starter

  8. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    just found this thread after experiencing the same issue with Galaxy S3 - i hook phone up to computer and can't view photos via windows. is resinstaling another ICS the only way around this?
  9. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    You can try connecting the phone to the PC using mass storage mode. I believe you can view your pictures that way. Its only the MTP mode that don't give you picture previews (at least under stock ICS).
  10. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    thanks - how to get 'mass storage mode'? when i plug in phone and it shows either MTP or connect as camera PTP and neither give me preview in windows.
    is there another option somewhere?
  11. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    menu>settings>more>usb utilities>connect storage to PC
  12. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    thanks- i don't see this as an option. i cannot find 'usb utilities'. i'm using sprint s3 - perhaps that's the issue - it's not an S2
  13. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    What Android version are you running?
  14. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member


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