S21 5g hands-on reviews


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With the imminent release of the Galaxy S21 models the first hands-on reviews and videos are coming out.

This hands-on review from GSMArena is pretty thorough on Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra...

Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra hands-on review

This video pretty well covers unboxing, gaming and camera for the Galaxy S21...

Have you got any reviews of the Galaxy S21 range to share?
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Interesting to see all of these. They've shown me that it would not really be worth going to the s21 from the s20, much less the plus. I love my s20 plus, and I LOVE the price they got the s21's down to, and while it is not technically a downgrade, there isn't really anything to convince me it would have been worth trading in one for the other.
But, going to the s21 ultra from the s20 plus? YAS :D