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S2's slow Screen wakeup?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by set8up, May 19, 2011.

  1. set8up

    set8up Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Gotta say, the phone is incredibly fast in general - though by constrast there is 1 thing I couldn't stand.

    There is a lag of 2-2.5 seconds between you pressing the power button, and the screen light comes back up.

    Is there a fix?

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  2. Cyph3r

    Cyph3r Newbie

    It's because when the phone is idle the CPU downclocks by a lot to save power, so its running a lot slower, so waking the device takes an extra second or so to get up to speed. There's nothing you can do about this unless you root the device and use that set CPU to stop downclocking the CPU, but then you'll waste lots of battery.

    If the phone is plugged in, or if the music app is running it wont have that delay when you unlock the screen as the CPU isn't being downclocked by as much.
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  3. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    What's important to remember is an Android phone is truly a handheld computer. And just like a computer it has to go through a boot process, which is lengthened when it's sleeping in the idle or standby mode.

    Therefore there is nothing wrong, but rather it's just something to get used to.

    Cheers :)
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  4. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    That sounds rubbish tbh, I have had previous Android phones and all were instant on the wake up.
    This is specific to the GS2.
    There was supposed to be a fix in the last update which seemed to work at first but after a few days mine has gone back to a sluggish wake up. Quite irritating!
  5. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    Then perhaps you have a rubbish phone that needs to be exchanged / replaced.

    I don't have a problem with my Galaxy S for example, or my GS2 either. The Samsung's I have all take a few milliseconds to wake up. The HTC phones I have wake up a bit faster. It's just the difference.

    As far as your comment about "there was supposed to be a fix", I'd like to see a link about that.

    I know many people who's phones are fine, as well as all that I've read on various Android forums and I have not heard of this.

    That doesn't mean I didn't miss it, so a link would be helpful.

    My Galaxy S is a year old and wake up time is quick, and has not varied. My Galaxy S 2, is snappier, which is to be expected.

    Cheers :)
  6. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    I read it on another forum. Sorry if the info is inaccurate but clearly I am not the only one with this problem. It may be a problem with the first batch of phones, I am sure samy will issue an update soon to correct this issue.
  7. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    It takes about 1.5 seconds for me. That doesn't sound like much, but if I quickly want to check the time, it is a bit inconvenient.

    Is it possible to change this on a rooted SGS2? If the battery suck isn't too much it would be worth it.
  8. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    If I had a GSII and it took a little while to turn on, due to underclocking while it's idle, I'd love it! Yes it'd get a bit annoying, but it would mean increased battery life! :)
  9. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    with daivik on this one. battery is more important than a little delay. rooting it nd setting cpu to speed up wake will kill ur battery as someone said already... IMO its not worth the battery drain... my opinion though :p :p
  10. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    How do you set the CPU to speed up wake? I'm happy to try it to check how much power it uses.
  11. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    to use "set cpu app" you have to root your phone. :)
  12. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    It is rooted, do you mean SetCPU? What settings in it should I use? I looked at a free equivalent but I didn't know what to change.
  13. leightos

    leightos Newbie

    mine takes 1-2 seconds to wake up too.

    This is not my first Android phone. My HTC didn't do this. Its amazing to me that SAMSUNG let all these little bugs into their phone.

    It seems they got all the big things right - CPU, AMOLED Screen, etc - but, the small things like this and Notifications (yes, I'm still on about that ) weren't given any real attention.
  14. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    At least bugs can be eradicated via software and updates. Hardware can't be changed. :)
  15. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    Change the lockscreen picture to a low res picture and that should resolve the problem.
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  16. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    This is precisely why mine doesn't have a wake up delay, I've always gone for a very simple (not live) background.

    For me it's all about speed.

    After I changed if from the default, now it only takes just 10 seconds to awake.

    Heck I can't even wake up that fast :eek:

    Just kidding, my SGS2 wakes up in a flash... true:)
  17. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    I think it'll be fixed in future updates.

    Contrary to what I've said before, my Desire clocks down to 245Mhz when the screen is off and it's not doing anything, and it still wakes up instantly.

    So yeah, dual core,1.2Ghz and 1GB RAM. Defo something an update will fix. :p
  18. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    10 seconds? We're talking about turning the screen on (at least I'm talking about that), not booting up. I'm annoyed that it takes 2 seconds.
  19. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    It doesn't take 10 seconds, you missed the last line, I was just kidding.

    One of those days where my humor is out of control...:eek:

    Perhaps I've been lucky, but mine wakes up so fast it actually surprised me.

    I didn't think much about wake up time till I got my SGS 2, that's the fast one, the rest are about the same and lag is not an issue. Only the G1 which was my first years ago.

    Hey, it's Android.. they're all good, just some are better than others :)
  20. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    Just how much does Samsung underclock the processor when the phone is idle?

    I've got my HTC Desire set up to run at 245MHz with the screen off and that wakes up instantly usually, but sometimes has about half a second delay. And that only has one processing core :p A 128MHz underclock does cause a 2+ second lag.

    I don't buy that there's a delay because the processor is underclocked unless it's underclocked ridiculously.
  21. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    It underclocks to the similar value around the 200Mhz level. and it can be fixed by using a lower resolution background. Hopefully firmware updates will fix this, because it clearly isn't a hardware problem.
  22. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I could not agree more, it should have no effect.
  23. biffsmash

    biffsmash Well-Known Member

    I've just exchanged my SGS2 for the bug where the phone turned off on it's own requiring a battery pull, and the old one used to take 2.5 seconds to wake, regardless of lock screen wallpaper, and the home screen showed before the lockscreen.

    My replacement unlocks in 1 second and goes straight to the lock screen.

    Also the home screens are now without lag

  24. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I tried to time mine, but it takes just under a second so it's hard to do properly.

    Wake up isn't instant, but for my phone, it certainly isn't an issue.
  25. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast

    I see where your coming from. to be honest. unless you've got a faulty handset and it takes like 2-3 secs to turn on, I don't think many would even realise that it doesn't turn instantly.

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