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S3 i747 Nightmare

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    I'm In need of some major help here. So I installed a stock odex rooted stock rom of the 4.4.2 firmware for the GS3 on AT&T. I'm not sure what happened but i lost the ability to save pictures, delete files, move files on my emulated SD. I did a nandroid backup via CWM amd attempted to restore to it but was bombarded with gapps and google plus errors. If I could find a way to either restore to stock via odin, correct the storage problem, or fix my backup I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  2. alexizawesome

    alexizawesome Well-Known Member

    I've had that storage problem on stock 4.4.2 on my Virgin Mobile S3. After you are rooted and killed knox in rom via SuperSu, install an app from the playstore called Folder Mount by madmack. Its actually an app to store apps on the sd card(has in app purchases relating to that) but you don't need to any of that. Just run it and it will scan and give you an option to fix permissions.

    As for restoring to stock via odin yes you can definitely do that. That being said I am unable to find the stock tar for the ATT i747. I think your kitkat firmware is NE4? On sammobile all I see is the firmware for Canadian carriers. I don't even see a link on XDA.

    Regarding your back up with cwm I think I had that problem. On our Virgin Mobile S3, the go to custom recovery is Philz Touch which is basically an advanced version of cwm. Anyways, this month the developer ceased development on the project so I switched to regular cwm and restored my stock back up. Upon rebooting every google app was crashing. Went back to Philz did not have that problem.
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  3. jkeaser360

    jkeaser360 Lurker

    Thanks so much (I just registered I started the thread) I don't need to restore to my recovery now that i fixed it with the app although I will take a look at installing Philz as my primary recovery. I just wanted it as stock as possible so im on the odex NE4 stock rom and it works great if you want to go stock since the odin files are basically nonexistent.

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