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s3 mini car charging problem? seems to stop charging from all car chargers after short time

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by richiemkk, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. richiemkk

    richiemkk Lurker
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    Hi Folks!

    Been having a right annoying problem with my s3 mini when it comes to charging in any car either for maps use or simply charging.
    Its seems any charger i buy seems to only have a life span of around a week and then it suddenly no longer works ??
    Ive tried several different chargers with several output levels from 500ma / 1000ma / 2000ma and they all suffer the same doom. They all seems to work for a short time and then stop! I have no issues charging from the lapop or from the wall charger so im guessing it must be down to voltage levels but what i dont get is why they do work for a while then pack up?? The chargers were at first being dumped unitil i noticed they worked on other phones ok with the same connector?? It does seem then that the s3 mini phone is somehow deciding to no longer like the chargers and somehow stop using them ??
    Any light on this would be most helpful as im stumped and about ready to launch the thing lol
    Cheers rich

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