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s3 mini - touch screen problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by serwan, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. serwan

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    since yesterday my s3 has problem with touchscreen; nothing bad happen, no any destroys, fall from high, not any physical damages, and I have no idea what may be root cause.

    starting from restart - I can enter pin using touchscreen without any problems, phone gets on, I can browse screens, use apps etc - everything is fine
    when phone will get locked, and I try to unlock - touchscreen does not work (I have pin security, but problem is same when pin security was disabled); when trying to unlock I see pinpad on screen, but screen does not react on touch, needs to try several times to touch, knock, etc and after several tries it will start to work; then after unlock I can use it as it would be ok, but when it will get locket whole story begins

    additionally, battery suddenly gone crazy - problems with charging (slow), and even if charged it gets empty after few hours; also it becomes much warmer than it has been usually.

    any ideas what may be the problem? help :)


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