S3 Network Issues


So I recently got an S3 with Orange (or EE I guess) which works perfectly.

However I have one annoying problem, I have no service. However occasionally, a few times an hour, the phone will connect to 3G and have full bars.

If I try to make a call while I have these few precious minutes of my network working, the call will work for a few seconds, shortly after being my network being disconnected and a message on the dialer saying 'Out of Network Range', or something similar.

My SIM card has been activated and I have transferred my old number to the SIM, using the PAC code provided.

I tried my SIM in my old BlackBerry which was also locked to Orange, it worked flawlessly.

The IMEI on the phone is the same as the one on the box.

Perhaps its a fault in the antenna or something? Firmware? I'm not too familiar to Android, as its my first one, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You could try messing around with different basebands (radio software) but since youre new to android, id just take it into the orange shop :thumbup: