Help S3 noob question.


I just swapped my iPhone 4s for a S3 & love it:p
It's been rooted by the person who had it before and it won't let me run Sky Go, it tries to start and then says that Sky go can't run on rooted phone. Is there anyway of sorting this or do I have to reset everything to factory settings which I have no idea how to do.



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I am not sure what Sky Go is? I didn't see it in the PlayStore? Do you know where I can find it to check it out for ya and see why it wont run on a rooted phone?


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Sorry mate but sky wont let you run sky go with a rooted phone perhaps you could try installing a hide my root app that might trick the sky go app into thinking you are not rooted.


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Tried the above but didn't work :(

Is it possible to restore back to factory settings after its been rooted?


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Sky go will only work on software sky has approved. A royal pain but probably to stop the app being 'cracked'. Rooted phones is a no go as far as I'm aware but I don't know enough about it to know if there is a work around