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S3 Silent Mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The H, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. The H

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    Hope someone can help, because this is driving me nuts.

    Samsung Galaxy S3, O2 UK. Android 4.3

    If I put the phone into "Mute" mod (home screen, swipe down, "SOUND", "MUTE") all well and good - the phone mutes. No notifications make any noise.

    Except... if the phone rings.

    First call that arrives, I get a quiet "two tone" sound. The same sound as if I'd just pressed the SOUND button again to go from "MUTE" to "SOUND".

    After this - it's back in SOUND mode. Button is showing SOUND, all notifications make noises. Second and subsequent calls all ring at full volume.

    I'm not imagining this - it's really happening, completely repeatable, happens whether I'm touching the phone or not, and the fault has followed onto a new phone (service replacement). Happens to a couple of colleagues as well.

    I can't see any apps that would cause this, but please - anyone shed any light on this?

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