Help s3 touch screen not responding


hi guys

got an issue
i downloaded fruit ninja and got a bit too exicited with it!

so now the issue is there seems to be like a small damage to the phone on the right hand side

there is backlight and the phone powers on and everything i can just bout see the menu items

however the problem is the touch screen does not work at all nor it is responsive

so was wondering what exactly do i need to replace? to get it fixed or what do i need to order

can anyone help please

the actual glass screen seems ok but beneath that seems to be like a small crack there

phone works fine ok!



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I dont know what you should do but if it helps, i think youve broken the digitizer layer under the glass. The thing that detects touch .
and maybe damaged the display panel underneath that if youre having trouble seeing things


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Thanks you

Thought so
well luckily my phoen is still under warranty i have a business support contract with them (EE)and they have offered to replace the handset for free!