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S3 Won't Turn On

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheFlyingPenguin, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. TheFlyingPenguin

    Thread Starter


    I am having an issue with my S 3. It is not booting up as it should. The model is SGH-1747M.

    I have tried the following and have had the following results:

    1) 1) The phone is non-responsive when attempting to power it on with the power button.

    2) 2) If I remove the battery, with the phone not plugged in, and then put the battery back in, the phone begins to power on by itself. It vibrates once and then loads to the Samsung screen and then goes off.

    3) 3) If I plug the phone in without the battery, the phone vibrates once and the red charging light comes on but then goes off after a couple seconds.

    4) 4) If I plug the phone in without the battery, and then insert the battery as soon as the red light comes on, the charging screen comes on but then the phone goes off after a couple seconds.

    5) 5) If I put the battery in with the phone unplugged and hold Volume Down, Power and the Home Button, the phone boots to the screen where you can push up on volume to flash new firmware. If I stay on this screen without pressing anything, the phone turns off after a couple seconds. If I push up on the power button, it goes to the screen with the green android man but then turns off after a couple seconds.

    6) 6) If I put the battery in with the phone unplugged and hole Volume Up, Power and Home and then release them on the Samsung screen, blue writing pops up in the top left corner (I couldn

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  2. mydian

    mydian Android Expert

    Hi TheFlyingPenguin welcome to the forum. I'm no expert but it sounds like you've tried everything. It's a long shot but look in the charging port and make sure nothing is in there shorting it out that could cause the phone to be shutting off. Blow it out with a can of air or something. Other than that it sounds like a hardware issue to me. :(

    Good luck.
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  3. TheFlyingPenguin

    Thread Starter

    Update: The issue was caused by the power button malfunctioning. The part that is actually attached to the motherboard. The issue was resolved by taking the phone apart and applying pressure to all sides of the power button. For anyone in the future who may read this with a similar issue, if the pressure method doesn't work, you may need a new power button. Or, remove your power button and use an app to act as the power button on your phone.
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