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S4 memory card/not connecting issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tmac85, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Got my S4 via contract end December 2013, so it's still less than a year old. Within 5 months my battery expanded and the phone switched itself on off etc, and practically destroyed my phone. Contract company refused to do anything, leaving me to contact Samsung who dispatched new battery 3wks later :thinking:...a few months later, same again but touch wood all ok since; until last week - phone been fine, no issues when all of a sudden it made the little connecting noise and then alot of my apps had faded out with a little SD beside them - very few photos available, all music files gone. Memory card had failed! (Sandisc 64GB) I tried the SD in another old phone but it had corrupted, put back into the S4 and mounted it, and it formatted the card for me. The card now shows up as a storage option again but obviously lost all files/apps.

    Plugged via the Sausung white cable into pc (2.0 USB if that makes a difference) this morning as I normally would, but the phone is not showing up at all in the PC - it is charging though! No option to use as MFD/MFP (can't remember what it's called) just charging and doing nothing else! I tried uninstalling KIES and a fresh install but made no difference.

    Any clues?! :thinking: I'm really beginning to regret my S4 purchase if I'm honest!

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