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S4 Mini - general questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by programm, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. programm

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    I have S4 mini and I dislike that when I'm viewing a gallery for example, when the touch screen turns off (sleeps), I have to press some key to wake it up to display the gallery I was viewing. Usually only Home wakes it up and that means that every time when my screen turns off I have to go Home then browse to the gallery again... is there a way (change the key) with which you can wake up and make the display show what you're currently viewing without having to use the Home button?

    And a 2nd question, in Camera mode how can I disable the sound that the phone makes when you take a picture/start recording a clip? I tried to look for sounds when taking pictures but I found no such option for the sound of the camera.

  2. programm

    programm Newbie
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    The answer to the first is - the Power button can do that, pressing it once quickly, not continuously.

    I still want to know - how can I disable the clicking sound effect when you take a picture with the camera? I dislike any sounds on any devices making sounds when you take pictures...

    A 3rd question (NEW) - does changing the sim card reset your settings on the phone and make you lose contacts? I specially selected contacts to be on the phone memory not the sim card.

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