Jul 17, 2013
So I've had my S4 since it came out and the battery has been absolutely fantastic since I had it. I could use it moderately just for what I needed and I had great battery life and didn't need to charge that often. Last week though I received and Android update I believe it was and it pushed up my storage from 2.00 gb to 8.80gb out of 16.00gb. Now my battery life has not been as good and it was at 60% after being at work with internet and not using it except for a couple text messages. that was well before 6 hours on battery. I downloaded an app to clear up unnecessary data and cache and reduced my storage to 8.00gb. But thats still pretty damn high. I usually charge it before bed and would last me most of the next day. Also one night last week i might have slightly slept on it and it was a bit warm but not hot like I did my last phone and that ruined the battery. So not sure if I should get a new battery? Or how to free up this space it will help. And I have turned off all unnecessary features and what not.
A good space cleaning app is called Clean Master (Cleaner). I'm not sure hat having more space helps conserve battery life but Clean Master (Cleaner) also has a task killer function which will also free up space and help conserve battery life by killing tasks working in the background which you may not have even realized were running.

One other thing I can think of to help conserve battery life is to go into settings for the Play Store and make sure you have automatically update apps when WiFi is on, turned off.
I did just download that yesterday and it seems to be doing its job. And I did just turn off that automatic update. That was pissing me off too, thanks for that.