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S4 & S3 comparison review

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by rushmore, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Finally got an S4 32GB from Verizon, so have been heavily comparing them (to decide if to keep the S4). All JMO based on one day with older firmware and one day with the update (seems the same before/after for performance to me).

    Build = Both are plastic and both slip magnets without a case, so seem a wash to me after using more. Tie

    Erogonomics = Same footprint, so unless you have long fingers, same stretch effort. Tie again

    UI speed and app start-up speed = Both are zippy, but overall, the S4 seems faster. S4 wins

    Play market and app installs = This is where the quad shows its chops. Virtually no lag when trying to update or install apps and multitask. S4 wins

    Display = After using the S4 for two days, the S3 seems dull in comparison. Touch response is great on both. S4 wins

    Sound = S4 has lower gain & volume correlation. Net result is any buds or cans with more than 18 ohms will sound quiet. S3 were not loud, but louder than the S4 through both 3.5mm and speaker. Speaker is also wimpier than the S3. S3 wins, but using preamp with Poweramp at least compensates on the music side. Volume+ would have fixed this 100%, but does not work with 4.2.2 JB.

    Heat = Same 28nm process, but twice the cores, faster cpu/gpu and pushing twice the pixels. I expected it to get warmer and it does. Noticed the same thing testing demos. Confirmed owning it. S3 wins, but not really apples to apples- the extra performance has some small physical price. The One I notice feels even warmer, due to the aluminum case.

    Performance = After playing games more and emulators, there is a speed increase and notice with browsers as well. Game emulators are a little faster as well, but not significant. S4 wins

    Wifi radios = Wifi range seems the same, but the S4 has been faster. S4 wins

    Call quality/range = Seems the same. Tie

    Data radios = After testing two demos and my own S4, there is NO difference in reception. Same places I get 3G/4G are the same on both. Same places that are thresholds with no signal are the same on both. Tie They tie so evenly, it seems they use the same data radios and antenna arrays and not seeing how folks can say the S4 is better or worse than the S3.

    Camera = The S3 for me had a good camera and the S4 is faster, better shots and more options. This camera is truly an optical zoom away from replacing a standalone camera. My N900 had an optical zoom, but pretty much sucked in everything else as a device.

    Battery life = Seems about the same, which makes sense to me based on hardware increase, display size/pixels and same radio reception. The extra 400mah offsets this. Tie

    I decided on keeping the S4, since I can compensate for audio with music using Poweramp and the radios are at least no worse than the S3. The display attracts me like a moth to a flame.

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