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S4 saving everything to internal memory

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OnlyOnePersonS, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. OnlyOnePersonS

    Thread Starter

    I looked around and didn't see anything in the forums, so here goes...

    I recently, got this phone from c-spire (U.S. Cellular, u believe is who owns them). I had a memory card that was in my old Motorola Milestone X that the guy put into the s4, no reformatting. The card worked fine, but then a few days ago my phone says the card is not mounted. I took it out, and will see if I can recover any data later on.

    I put in a new card, and most of the files that I thought were on on my old microsd are still there. Confused, I removed the msd completely. The files are still there. So, basically everything is saving to the phone's internal memory. Pictures, kindle books, audible, Facebook pictures, smazon MP3's, Browser downloads (from any browser, I downloaded a few from the Play store, to experiment with).

    I don't want EVERYTHING on my phone's internal memory. I looked in settings to see if I could find a solution, but I didn't find a way to change this. Am I missing something? I've been an android user for about 5 years, so I'm not new to android. This just has me baffled.

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  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    I remember on my Atrix 4G, I had the option to store all data in internal memory or SD card. When I got my S4, this was no longer an option. In certain apps, you can designate where the data is stored. For example: you can have all pictures and video used with the stock camera app to save to SD card.
  3. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie

    I've s4. and all my vidoes and pictures are stored in sd card. (apart from burst mode pictures )

    for application, it ask for desired location, so select sd card for that matter.
  4. OnlyOnePersonS

    Thread Starter

    Thanks,I'm going through my apps and doing as you two suggested. Audible is saving to external memory. I was mistaken about that m kindle is not. Which kinda sucks. I have some large Kindle books on here, and have no desire to re download them, but I need the space (I should probably break down and get a Kindle Fire). Oh, well. At least now I know what's going on. Thanks for your answers.
  5. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie

    mention not, i'll dig more to your kindle files issue, will let you know if i come u with any solution
  6. stargazertony

    stargazertony Member

    has anyone come up with a way to store Kindle books on the external card?
  7. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Newbie

    im not sure but i guess kindle has blocked the transfer thing. i guess. correct me if i am wrong
  8. stargazertony

    stargazertony Member

    Yeah, but that's unacceptable. I've gotten rid of Kindle and downloaded Moon+ Reader which happily stores books on the external card. Already transferred enough books for me to read for the next several years.

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