Dec 14, 2012
Hi Guys

Got myself a Galaxy S4 around 2 months ago and has been beautiful.

But now.. It's terrible.

Earlier today i went to 4.3 android, And now? It has an issue.. If you adjust the brightness to the lowest setting it's like huge amounts of contrast are applied and the screen is blue/ purple almost impossible to use.. and if it's all the way up the screen is a kinda orange/ green tint and impossible to use.. but you can kinda get a sweet spot in the middle..

And also the camera app is unusable due to a similar issue yet it's perfect in snapchat?

Have performed factory reset but i believe maybe the firmware didn't apply properly.. Is there anyway to reapply previous version?

I'll be honest, it's been dropped.. but only around 1m to soft grass, and the issue only started occuring after the firmware update..

Please help!!
Yeah that's what i was thinking too, And now the screen isn't responding properly 1/3rd of the time when trying to enter my password when i unlock.. The camera momentarily started working and is now back the same, and NOW the back and menu buttons down the bottom are not responding..

Phone is stock as rock out of the box
Have done factory restore

Is there any way to take it back to 4.2? I believe this would fix it
No. Unfortunately, once you go to 4.3, you're stuck there. Odd that the update did this on a stock phone. I'd recommend taking it into your carriers store and have them fix it, if possible.