Help S4 with 4.4.2 deleted camera file help please.


Hi all, I'm a bit(a ship load) annoyed(postal) at myself as I have accidentally deleted over 1000 photos in my camera file after I highlighted what I thought was 1 photo to delete, only to shortly after realise that it was the entire camera album that I deleted!!!

I have been told that there is recovery software that can help me retrieve the photo files but I need to root my phone to use the app.

I have no issue with doing this, with the exception of not being able to find a suitable way of rooting my phone. I've been on youtube and tried a few different ways and each time I get no where with my efforts.

Could any and all extremely clever and helpful tech-heads give dumb-ass me some help please?


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Did you have Google Photos on your phone? Or the Flikr app? Or the Drive app? Any one of those may have uploaded those photos if you had set them up to auto-upload. They would be retrievable.


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Honestly I don't know. Recovery software can work for generic storage like sd cards, but internal memory? No idea if it's possible.


Should be able to root an i9506 S4, it's not a Verizon version or anything like that. What rooting methods or directions have you tried? Although to actually recover deleted pictures from an internal EXT4 partition might be very difficult. Consumer software like Recuva are designed to work with FAT32 formatted SDs etc. when connected directly to a PC. Might have to go to a forensic lab, extremely expensive.
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