S5 Active GPS


Hey All,

Anyone else experiencing GPS issues. I'd say since this past weekend my GPS is constantly looking for location. I can be in the middle of a field with clear blue skies and it still does it. I only noticed it cause my battery is draining rather fast.

I'm thinking an app update of some sort took place but I don't really know what one it could be. Any ideas on how to stop this.


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The gps lost its' ephemeris, there is an app that I really like because it will update the ephemeris in seconds.

GPS Status

It logs into a server somewhere, NASA? and downloads the current ephemeris and then finds the satellites in about 5 seconds.

End of search.

* GPS Status & Toolbox - Android Apps on Google Play

forgot to mention, for gps status to work, you must have an internet connection. WiFi or the DATA turned ON.