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s5 camera problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cairns84, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. cairns84

    cairns84 Member
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    hi i got an s5 and im having problems with the camera, its set in auto with the HDR off and im finding that the camera is taking really blurry photos or the all pixely.

    anyone else have this or know how to fix it?

  2. icedtea

    icedtea Android Enthusiast

    posting an image will help :)
  3. cookbook

    cookbook Lurker

    Found this on the web and quoting:

    "Some people are reporting that they get a pop-up when they try to start the camera which says “Warning: Camera failed” and the camera won’t load up at all.

    Potential solutions:

    Samsung has acknowledged the camera bug and advises anyone who suffers from it to call 1-888-897-4357. Verizon users can also contact @vzwsupport on Twitter.

    - You might find that a simple restart does the trick. Hold down the Power button and select the Restart option. The problem may return.
    - Try going to Settings > Application manager and select the camera app. Tap on Force stop, Clear cache, and Clear data.
    - Try clearing the cache partition. Hold the power button and choose Power off then press and hold the Volume up key, the Home button, and the Power button. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button, but keep holding the other two. When you see the Android System Recovery screen you can let go. Use Volume down to choose wipe cache partition and press Power to select it then, when it’s done, press Power again to Reboot System Now.
    - There’s a chance that an app is causing the problem. Any app that uses camera functions, including flashlight apps, could be the culprit. The fast way to check this is to reboot in safe mode. Hold down the power button and select Power off then hold down the power button to turn it on again and when you see the Samsung screen come up, release the power button and press and hold the Volume down key. You’ll know it worked if it says Safe mode in the bottom left corner. If the camera works then it’s definitely a problem with an app you installed. Hold down the power button and choose Restart to get back out of Safe mode.
    - If you’re using a microSD card to save photos try removing it, save them elsewhere, and see if that makes a difference.
    - Back up anything important and try a factory reset via Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset.
    - If nothing works then you may have a faulty camera and you’ll need to contact your carrier, retailer, or Samsung about a replacement."

    maybe this can be helpful

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