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S5 Update Problems - Dummies Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
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    #1.0 This guide is for use on un-rooted and rooted phones.

    The following procedures from #1.3 onwards can also be used on non Lollipop firmwares. Please take the time to read post #1, #2 and #3 through, carefully and thoroughly, before posting.


    Without a doubt, the upgrade to Android 5, Lollipop, is one of the biggest things to happen to Android since its launch. Make no mistake... this is a major firmware upgrade and it introduces a number of new features, not the least of which is ART, (Android RunTime), that replaces Dalvik and which, from my own experience, improves battery life and performance considerably. In a nutshell, Dalvik is a JIT, (Just In Time), compiler that operates on each app as it is needed whilst ART does it all just the once, Ahead Of Time, (AOT). This is why, after the initial update, the first boot will take a lot longer than usual whilst ART optimizes each app for the first time. This saves both battery and improves performance. For more information on ART see, Android Runtime.

    #1.1 The 3 important things to do NOW, before any update are... BACKUP, BACKUP and BACKUP everything on your phone's internal and external, memory. You have been warned! For more information on backing up, see #2.1

    (Don't come crying on here if you have failed to take this very, basic, sensible precaution with your valuable data... you've only got yourself to blame! ;))

    #1.2 Why you may be experiencing problems

    ART does not come without a price and that price is space on your phone's internal memory. Since ART compiles in advance it requires, roughly, about 10% more memory than Dalvik. Therefore, if your phone's internal memory is already chock-a-block full you should make some space as I predict that lack of space will cause more than a few problems initially with this update!

    Also, when you upgrade not only is the firmware changed but all your app's and settings have to be reconfigured and integrated into the new upgrade during the process. This is in an attempt by Samsung to retain everything on your phone so that you do not have to set it all up again after the change.

    If you stop and think about the millions of app's and the myriad of settings that this has to take into account then maybe you can understand why there are sometimes problems with phones after new firmware is installed.

    Some of these problems are caused by app's or settings that are not suitable for the new firmware. Remember, not all app's/games on the Play Store may be compatible with your new firmware yet. This is down to the developers of those apps who have had 6+ months notice to update them. Most have, some have not. Other app's, that work on your existing firmware, have to be updated for the new one, if possible, during the change over. No mean feat... particularly if you've moved apps to your SD card as the system folders for these apps will usually remain on your internal storage and this can cause big problems with separated app and data.

    These problems can manifest themselves in all sorts of ways, such as...

    Boot loops
    App's continually running
    High battery usage

    Over heating
    Storage being eaten up
    Forced Closes

    Screen lags
    High RAM usage
    Screen freezes

    These can all occur because the user app's or data have not, or can not, be integrated successfully into the new framework automatically during the change over.

    Also, the downloaded firmware update itself may have been corrupted. This can easily happen with OTA, (Over The Air), updates where an interruption has occurred with the download. This has also been reported by some who have used the Samsung PC suite, Kies.

    Steps #1.3 -> #2.7 can be carried out by users, as they will resolve most update issues, prior to posting.

    #1.3 Wiping the Cache Partition

    Wiping the cache partition is a useful option, particularly after any firmware update, as it will clear out any rubbish left over from the previous firmware. It can also get you out of problems if you are experiencing a boot loop. This is very simple to do and does not affect any user data on your phone. See video...

    Galaxy S5: How to Wipe Cache Partition

    Step #1 Turn your phone OFF.

    Step #2 Boot into Recovery Mode:- Press and hold, simultaneously, the Volume UP + Power + Home buttons until you see some small, blue, writing appear in the top left hand corner of the screen and release immediately.

    Step #3 You will then see the small, stock, Recovery menu. Using the Volume UP and DOWN buttons, navigate to the menu item, "wipe cache", or, "wipe cache partition", depending on your model.

    Step #4 Once the option is highlighted you can use the Power key to enact the wipe and reboot your phone.

    #1.4 Safe Mode: Is it Firmware or User App problems?

    This is very useful for determining whether the firmware is to blame for your problems or if it is down to your own apps and settings.

    Safe Mode on your phone is roughly the same as on you PC. It will boot your phone up and load only the default apps that came with the firmware. It does not install your own downloaded apps. Can also be useful for getting out of a bootloop and allowing you to uninstall a problem app.

    This is not a dangerous procedure and can be done very easily. See the following video...

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 how to enter / exit safe mode safemode for troubleshooting your phone on / off

    If you encounter the problems whilst in Safe Mode this would indicate that you probably have a bad update and should refer to #2.7 in post #2.

    #1.5 User Apps: Wiping cache, data and uninstalling

    Sometimes a particular app or apps that you have installed, are causing problems and are shown to be doing so, on the phone. In the first instance, you can go to...

    Settings > More > Applications > All (The route may vary depending on your model of phone and firmware).

    Step #1 Navigate to the user app, (see *** for System apps), that you believe is the problem and open it and select, "Clear cache". This will clear the apps temporary cache and you can see if that has helped. See video on cache clearing...

    Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Clear Cache of an App

    Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Clear App's Data and Restore Storage Memory

    Step #2 If not, you can repeat the above steps and this time select, "Clear data". This will clear your user settings for this app and you will need to re-enter the settings again. Check to see if this has solved your problem.

    Step #3 If not, repeat Step #1 but this time, "Clear cache", "Clear data", and, "Uninstall", the app. Reboot your phone and, if desired, re-install the app from the Google Play Store and re-configure the settings.

    *** WARNING! Step #1 can also be used on System apps but be very careful about using Step #2 unless you know exactly what you are doing and Step #3 and/or, "Disabling", apps can be extremely dangerous and render your phone a brick on System apps.

    #1.6 Battery re-calibration

    Sometimes, after receiving an update, users complain that their battery is being eaten up. This is quite common as the update can affect the battery chip in the phone, causing it to give unreliable readings. These readings usually self correct over a number of charge cycles however, you can re-calibrate your battery by downloading, free from the Play Store, Battery Calibration and following the simple instructions in the app. This should not be used on a regular basis as the battery should never be fully discharged normally.

    #1.7 Uninstall any Task Killers

    You do not need to run task killers on Android and they can cause more problems and a lag in performance...

    Putting to rest the myths about Task Killers/RAM Optimizers and the like

    Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn't Use Them

    #1.8 Speed up a laggy, slow, phone

    Whilst I do not consider this a fix as such, much in the same way as an aspirin is not a fix for a broken leg, it does help to compensate for any phones that may experience an undue lag in performance, particularly some of the heavy carrier branded models. It requires that you unhide the hidden, "Developer options", menu and alter some of the settings and is very easy and safe to do. See, also, #1.9. De-Bloat your phone.

    Step #1 Go to... Settings > System About device > Build number.

    Step #2 Tap on Build number 7 times and, "Developer options", will be turned on. Use the, "Back", key to exit and you will now have, "Developer options", turned on and showing before, "About device".

    Step #3 Go down the list in, "Developer options", until you see..

    Window animation scale
    Transition animation scale
    Animator duration scale

    By default, these are set to 1*. However, to speed things up, you can select 0.5* on all of the above. This will double the speed of your various animations and make the phone feel snappier.

    See a video on this...

    How to enable developer options and speed up system animations!

    #1.9. De-Bloat your phone

    More and more, there seems to be a growing tendency for some carriers to pile on their own extra apps into Samsung's stock firmware builds, see #1.5 & #1.6 of
    40 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide. These extra apps are built into the actual firmware release and are often referred to as, "bloatware", and unless you are rooted, they cannot be removed completely. However, they can, in most cases, be stopped from running in the background and using your phone's resources that can cause your phone to use battery, data and lag in performance.

    You can check apps that are currently running by going to... Settings > Applications > Application manager > Running (swipe right to left).

    If you see apps that you do not use in either Running or Show cached processes or if you just want them gone from your App drawer, you can disable them on unrooted phones by using either of the following 2 methods.

    1. If you are using the stock Samsung TouchWiz launcher, just open the App drawer and touch on the 3 dot Menu, top right, and select, "Uninstall/disable apps". You will then see a red minus sign, "-", against any apps that can be disabled. See this video...

    How To Disable Apps On Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Phones

    Should you wish to re-enable any of the apps in future just repeat the above and select, "Show disabled apps", and re-select them.

    2. If you are using a launcher other than TouchWiz or your carrier has disabled the above feature just go to...

    Settings > Applications > Application manager > All (swipe right to left a few times)

    Here you will see a list of all the applications, both downloaded and preloaded, on your phone. Go to the app that you saw in, "Running", and tap on the app that you wish to disable and select, "Disable" if it allows you to. You may need to uninstall any updates for the app before it allows you to, "Disable", it.

    Warning Some apps are necessary system apps, (usually indicated by a green Android icon), and may not allow you to disable them. System apps sometimes interact with other features of your phone. If you do not know what a particular app does, then Google it first before attempting to disable it. Only a complete moron would disable one of these system apps without knowing what it does and is probably not qualified to own a smartphone!

    Un-rooted users may want to try, Package Disabler Pro (Samsung), from the Play Store.

    If you have tried all the above and your phone is still not right, you will need to do a Factory Data Reset, as shown in the next post, #2.

    See, also...
    42 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide
    Galaxy S5, Fake Clone or Genuine - Dummies Guide
    GPS fix S5 - Dummies Guide

    Verizon downgrade to KitKat - Dummies Guide

    Galaxy S5 Lollipop User Manuals


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  2. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
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    #2.0 Factory Data Reset

    As mentioned in post #1, this update includes a switch from Dalvik to ART. If during the upgrade there is any rubbish left over from the old Dalvik cache, there is, for un-rooted users, only one way to clear it... a Factory Data Reset. Yes, I know, its a lot of hassle because you have your phone set up the way you like it on your existing firmware but it's a lot more hassle if things go wrong, as we can see from this forum. Besides, this is the very reason that Android include the Factory Data Reset feature, as some problems can only be rectified by using it. Also, if you take your phone to a Samsung Service Point, this is usually the first thing they do. For alternatives to Factory Data Reset, see #2.8.

    #2.1 Backup, Backup, Backup

    Over the course of this one update we will see circa 60 million phones updated. It only needs for, say, just 1 in a hundred to fail and you have 600,000 phones that will require a Factory Data Reset.

    If you are, unfortunately, one of those unlucky ones and you have not taken the simple, sensible, precaution of backing up your phone... tough!

    If your phone had been lost, stolen or damaged, you would have lost that data anyway and if you have not backed it up, then it probably wasn't important enough to you in the first place. You only have yourself to blame... deal with it!


    There are numerous methods of backing up your phone and external SD card. Here are just some of them...

    Ensure that you have Backup and Restore enabled in Settings on your phone.
    (Use this in conjunction with one or more of the methods below as the backup is limited to apps, Contacts, Calendar, etc: )

    Sync your phone with the Samsung Smart Switch

    Ensure that photos you take are always saved direct to external SD card.

    Use Helium or Helium Pro backup from the Play Store

    Use My Backup or My Backup Pro from the Play Store

    Use MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows Version) US$39.95

    Use MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) US$49.95

    Send important files to DropBox or Google Drive

    Connect your phone to a PC and copy your important files across

    SMS Backup and Restore, free from the Play Store

    3 Ways to Backup and Restore Android Phone Effortlessly

    How to Backup Android in 5 Easy Steps

    How to back up Android for free: Back up your phone or tablet - back up photos, video, app data, contacts and more

    (Personally, I believe in the belt and braces method and use at least 2 or more backup methods)

    When to backup your phone?.. Now!
    It's too late if you forget your PIN or your phone will not boot and needs to be reset or is lost, damaged or stolen.

    #2.2 Factory Data Reset. Short version

    1. Press Factory Data Reset button and Format internal storage and external memory.

    2. Check out your firmware for problems prior to re-installing your app's and re-doing your settings.

    3. Set your phone up from scratch by re-syncing to your Google account and restoring previously saved files.

    #2.3 Factory Data Reset. Full version

    Settings > User & Backup > Backup and reset > Factory data reset (may vary depending on model/firmware). See video...

    Samsung Galaxy S5: Factory Reset and Erase All Data

    If your phone is stuck in a boot loop and you cannot access the above method, turn your phone off and just boot into Recovery Mode, see #1.3, (Step #2), and select Factory Reset.

    The object of the
    Factory Data Reset is to return your phone's memory back to the out-of-the-box state with no user app's or data from your old firmware to cause problems. Make no mistake, if you are on, say, Lollipop, this does not revert you back to KitKat.

    If you have any passwords or Wi-Fi codes, etc; you should make a note of these before the Factory Data Reset.

    #2.4 IMPORTANT. FULL WIPE. You should also be formatting your internal storage and external SD card in Settings > Storage if you have moved app's to them as when you move an app part of it stays in the phone memory and part is moved to your storage. As you can see, this can cause problems in itself, especially with Knox Security file restrictions.

    #2.5 IMPORTANT You should take the time to check out your phone prior to re-installing your app's to ensure that you are not experiencing any problems with the firmware itself. See, #2.7

    #2.6 Providing you took the obvious and sensible precaution of using Googles Backup and Restore, mentioned in #2.1, your apps, Contacts and Calendar, etc; can be automatically restored after the Factory Data Reset and your subsequent sign in to your Google account. Whilst it is fine to re-install the apps, I strongly recommend that you do NOT sync the old settings as these could well be the cause of your problems.

    Since your app's are all sync'd with the Play Store, they will start re-installing automatically, one-by-one after signing in with your Google account details, email/password. Your paid app's are still there as paid app's, so you do not lose them. The restore from the Play Store will take some time and should be done via Wi-Fi as there will be a lot of data downloaded. You may find that you have to, "set-up", some of your app's again or that there are updates for a number of app's or that you will need to manually re-download some again. This is no bad thing as it was probably these very things that were causing problems in the first place.

    #2.7 If, after a Factory Data Reset and prior to installing any app's, you find that your phone is still misbehaving this could be because of a corrupt download or installation of the firmware update originally. You can either take it to a Samsung Service Point, (recommended), or re-flash the firmware yourself using Odin and the instructions in #1.11 of, 42 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide

    .#2.8 As I said, this may seem a lot of hassle but the alternatives are:-

    1. Put up with your phone the way that it is.

    2. Take it to a Samsung Service Point and get them to re-flash it for you... in which case you will lose everything anyway.

    3. Downgrade to your old firmware, if it is even possible, using Odin which may not solve the problem and lose everything.

    The choice, as they say... is yours. ;)
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  3. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Tips for using this Dummies Guide.

    I have tried to keep this, "Dummies Guide", as simple and easy to understand as possible for absolute beginners, with no prior knowledge of Android and the Samsung Galaxy S5, whilst trying to cover the most commonly asked questions about firmware updates and problems.

    #3.1. Please take the time to read posts #1 and #2 carefully and thoroughly before posting a question as they should contain most of the answers you require.

    #3.2. If a reply to a question states, "See, #1.5". It means that the answer to your query is already contained in post #1, item #5. Re-read that item again, carefully, and it should answer your question and saves the time and trouble of having to repeat things all over again.

    #3.3. When posting a question you must include your phone model version and firmware details, see #1.2 and #1.8 of
    41 Galaxy S5 models - know yours?, to avoid confusion and help others reply correctly to your query. Also, please mention the steps, above, you have taken so far to correct the problem.

    #3.4. Please, please, please, help keep this thread on topic. It is designated for attempting to solve firmware update problems and not for debating the merits of Samsung's firmware updates or questions about specific app compatibility, backing up your phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Network connections, rooting, etc; etc: There are other threads on the forum for that or you can start one of your own.

    #3.5. Please do not PM me with questions. I will not reply. Ask them on the forum so that others may benefit from the questions and answers and offer their suggestions.

    Whilst I have taken every care in compiling this guide, I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur through its use, or mis-use, and the decision to use this guide lies with you, the owner.

    This guide is written solely for, and on behalf of, Android Forums and may not be reproduced, in part or whole, without permission.
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  4. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
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    Right... all done... PUB! :)
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  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Thank you.

    One question?

    Does the new Lollipop upgrade do away with the ability to turn the WiFi and MobileData radios ON/OFF ?

    I am reading conflicting reports on this.
  6. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    See #3.4 ;)

    Oh, go on AZgl1500... seeing as it's you and my post #3 crossed with yours. I flashed back to the stock Samsung firmware for Lollipop, bugfix update NL9 and both the Wi-Fi and data toggles are functioning normally.

    Hope that helps.
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  7. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
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    For all those eagerly waiting for the update to Android 5.0, Lollipop, you should be spending this time backing up your phone, as per #2.1 above. You have been warned! ;)
  8. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    With, to-date, 96 firmware releases, (about 25% of the total firmwares), covering 3 different models and on both unbranded and lightly branded firmwares, there has, touch wood, been no major problems with the update to Android 5.0, Lollipop. In fact, this forum has, thus far, been very quiet on the Lollipop update in respect of problems. :)

    This would indicate that the Samsung TouchWiz Lollipop release in its native form has so far been a success.

    However, where I do anticipate that there may well be problems, is with the medium and heavy carrier branded variants mentioned in #1.5 and #1.6 of 35 Galaxy S5 models - know yours??? Typically, some carriers insist on modifying the stock Samsung TouchWiz firmware and adding or replacing stock apps which, in previous firmware updates, has caused the majority of issues. We shall see! ;)
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  9. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Android Expert

    I've got a WiFi toggle issue, when it's set to always on when plugged in, after long periods of time like over night WiFi does not come back on when screen is awoken.

    Also the colour scheme is terrible in lollipop..

    UK Lollipop from samobile.
  10. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Glad to see you figured it out, here. :)

    The colour scheme that Samsung have gone with on Lollipop can best be described as Marmite... you either love it, or hate it. ;)
  11. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    I am afraid not. All ART does is to compile the app ahead of time. It might help inasmuch as it will show you if you have enough space on your phone's memory, see #1.2 in post #1, but I fear that the compatibility can only be determined when running Lollipop itself as it is a different operating system to KitKat. Having said that, roughly half of the worldwide, International, models have now received an update to Lollipop and so far it has not, as we can see from these forums, been a big issue.
  12. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have an issue with screen brightness ayer the update. When set to auto it's never bright enough. It's driving me crazy! !
  13. mills23

    mills23 Android Expert

    I can't find how to pin apps or add users. Nothin in the notification bar.
  14. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    See #3.4
  15. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    @ironass, these issues seem "on topic" to me since they didn't arise until the update. This IS a update issues thread is it not? Cc
  16. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    This thread is for the actual update process itself. Besides, I have now answered your question, here. ;)

    (See also, pages 168 and 169 of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Users Manual)
    #16 ironass, Feb 4, 2015
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  17. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    As I feared in post #8...

    It would appear from this and other forums that the Verizon version of Samsung's TouchWiz Lollipop firmware, which is heavily modified and released by Verizon themselves and not through Samsung, is experiencing issues that are unique to this release. Also unique to this firmware is the 2 step update procedure employed by Verizon to upgrade to Lollipop that has caused further problems it appears.

    In some cases, a simple wipe of the cache partition, which is perfectly safe to do and does not affect your data or apps so long as you follow the instructions and video in #1.3, above, is all that is required. This procedure is recommended after any firmware update but particularly so in the case of Verizon's update as it clears out any rubbish left over from the old Dalvik cache in KitKat to make way for ART in Lollipop, see #1.2.

    However, it would seem that in some instances, the simple cache partition wipe is not enough to rectify some issues and a full Factory Data Reset, as described in the step-by-step guide and video in post #2 is needed to correct these problems.
    Make no mistake, a Factory Data Reset does NOT return you to KitKat!
  18. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    Arrggg, I hate FR! That said, these glitches are getting worse, had to reboot tonight because of keyboard issues..... I'm at the point that a FR is imminent or.... A new device!
    Anyone have experience using Kies for a backup before reset?
  19. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Seems Verizon kept on fixing it until they actually broke it.
    I'm still waiting to see how VZW's mess jells out, if they don't issue yet another 'fix', I think they have a lot of egg on their face.

    For shame on them for not testing this out fully before throwing it out willy nilly to everyone.
  20. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm if a Factory Reset fixed the screen brightness issue?<br/>
  21. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    I doubt it! Whilst the stock Samsung screen brightness is more than powerful enough for me and some other users, it would appear that the screen brightness is set a lot lower on Verizon's own firmware by default, judging from the posts on here.
  22. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! So the assumption is that we're stuck waiting on a patch/update to correct this issue?
  23. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    You could always download Lux Light from the Play Store and see if that helps.
  24. Pattie

    Pattie Newbie

    I performed the "Wipe Cache Partition" and cleared the cache of my downloaded apps - huge difference! I unplugged my phone at 6:30 this morning and right now at 9 pm I have 68% battery. And it is not hot. Thank you ironass!
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  25. Brio Hondo

    Brio Hondo Lurker

    Wow, @ironass! This thread was ridiculously useful. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon, and had many of the problems cited by other Verizon users.

    For everyone else, YMMV, but I'll explain what I've done to rectify each of the issues I experienced. First let's start with the issues I have had. From most to least troublesome:

    1. The phone would occasionally enter into a "reboot loop" where it would restart, and upon restarting would need to restart again.
    2. Overheating issues - specifically, it would be warm/hot to the touch and would enter the "cooldown mode."
    3. Severe battery drain - battery burn was at least a factor of 50% up from what it was just before upgrading to Lollipop
    4. Severe lag on multiple apps
    5. Increased hard drive space for the OS
    6. The led for monitoring heart rate would go on whenever the phone was unlocked and I had my finger against it... regardless of whether any health apps were currently running.

    I did some googling, and that led me here. :)

    This thread was incredibly valuable. It taught me a few key things, including that issue 5. was an expected cost of the upgrade. But the issue was that cost happened without the benefits!

    So... I tried the things suggested here. First, I wiped the cache. That made the phone MUCH more stable, as it solved issues 1 and 2. No more resets, and although the phone still ran warm it wasn't hot enough to trigger the cooldown mode. And it was still a little laggy, but not as bad as it was before.

    I gave the phone a few more days, as apparently adjusting to the new OS can take some time. But it was still a problem about a week into the upgrade, and I was stuck in the house today due to weather so I did a factory reset.

    The factory reset was MUCH smoother than I anticipated. Because Lollipop backs up the apps and many of their settings, within a few hours I had a phone with much of my previous stuff in place... and without the lag!! Performance was significantly smoother than before the factory reset!! So far battery performance seems at least better than it was before the factory wipe, if not before the upgrade. And the heart monitor light no longer comes on spuriously.

    So I'm declaring victory, at least temporarily. All my issues are now solved, except the hard drive space that is an expected cost of the upgrade.​
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