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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Hi all . So Im not really good in english . Hope you all can understand it ..
    A week ago , My samsung galaxy ace s5830i hang and then it keep saying " force close " apps and whatever .. I only have 3-4 apps in my phone and no game at all .. So I restart it .. And then It just freeze on samsung logo and can't restart it .. I have to remove the battery for 2-3 times than its restart but that force close things still appears .. After 3 or 4 times Im restarting it , it looping the samsung logo .. So I bring that phone to nearest Samsung dealer and they said my phone is not Original phone and they can't fix it .. So I said I buy that phone in their store a year ago but they keep telling me that phone is not the original one and they can't fix it for me .. and whatever ..

    So my question is , can't I fix this phone ?

    If you have the answer , please email me at ***email address redactec by mod for protection of guest***


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