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S6 battery problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marcus the footballer, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. marcus the footballer

    Thread Starter

    So basically I bought an display Galaxy s6 I really love it but after the day where I fully discharged the battery then I start recharged it until the LED light appeared green( which means fully charged) when I turn off the switch it immediately drop to 98% after that I got frustruated and I charged it again till 100% and I turned off the switch after fully charged than I do it the same thing again. It is not working so I change my s6 fast charger plug and change it to my previous Samsung Galaxy s4 plug then I also extend the charging time to about 30 minutes after that I off the switch and it started at 100% not only that my battery seems to be tanky so I wonder the next charge, should I use back my s4 charger or s6 plug pls help me whether I need to charge until 100% or leave it charge more 30 minutes even though it is already 100%

  2. brettski31

    brettski31 Lurker

    My mrs already had one fast charger burn out the tip and cause issues with an s6 the phone was replaced under warranty and I binned the charger. She now uses the old s3 charger and no issues yet but she was constantly charging the s6 as always on games.

    So sounds like the charger but also use smart manager to check your battery usage you might find something is hogging it's life
  3. ABCUS1987

    ABCUS1987 Newbie

    Turn on Developer Options ; Go to Limit background processes, Change from standard to 4 at most. Should help save battery.

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