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S6 Edge Plus Doesn't Open

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alpaqut, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. alpaqut

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    Hi guys. Firstly my english is very very bad. I am sorry for this [​IMG] I have a problem with my phone. I bought this phone from France a year ago. I am living in Turkey now. This phone closed yesterday suddenly and i can't open this phone still now. I downloaded a rom (XEF-G928FXXS3CQD3-20170427165 7.0 nougat) from this website http://samsung-updates.ru(Also i tried anothers sm-g928f rom) and i flashed with odin i did wipe things before and after flash but still my phone waiting in samsung logo. Also i tried samsung smart switch program i wrote my model and serial number but same. Waiting in samsung logo. I tried to install twrp recovery for install costum recovery but i took frp lock error. I tried a lot stuff but nothing happened. [​IMG] I wrote to turkish forums but no answer [​IMG] Please open this phone.

    I added video:


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