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s6 vs s4 battery

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by s6 vs s4 battery, Mar 24, 2016.


is the galaxy s6/edge battery better than the s4?

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  1. s6 vs s4 battery

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    I am running on a galaxy s4 and was thinking of upgrading to the galaxy s6 or edge as they are down in price. I was just wondering if I'm gonna be seeing the same, better, or worse battery life out of the s6.

    I'm a pretty light user on average days, today the phone was off the charger at around noon with 100% and is only down to 88% after checking my Facebook feed for around 10 minutes and sending some texts. Screen on time has only been about 20 minutes in the past 4 hours and as of now the phone is saying about 12 hours of usage left.

    What I really need to know is if the stand by time on an s6 will be as good or better than my s4. I can go to work for 10 hours and with some calls, texts and checking my social media I can come home with easily over 50% battery remaining. If I have to optimize my settings a bit to get battery life that's fine but I'd like a newer phone to get better battery than a phone that's a few years old.

    I've read a lot of mixed reviews, and while I know the phone performance wise and everything else is worth the upgrade I wanted to know if it will last me through a day of light to moderate usage. The only time I use my phone heavily is at home and I'm next to a charger anyways so I'm not to worried about it.

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    The thing is, it's difficult really to predict how much a phone will use up for each given person since there are several differences that you have to take into account. Even the number of widgets on your phone should make a difference. In cases like this, I trust the GSMarena tests most since they subject the phones to the exact same tests and quantify it. While I know that their numbers won't reflect my real life usage, I get a baseline on how much worse or better another phone's battery is.

    On their lists, the S4 is at par with the Note II (my phone) on battery life at 69hrs despite the S4 having a smaller battery. This reflects improvements in battery tech and CPU power saving tech. The S6 is rated at 73hrs, with the same battery size as the S4. So you could probably expect minimal improvement, or at par battery life.

    Check their numbers here:

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