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S7 Edge and Confounding SD related Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dlipetz, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Got a Galaxy S7 Edge (Verizon) on Wednesday, happily turning in my Galaxy S6 with its abysmal battery life.

    This thread is solely focused on issues I am facing related to Samsung's implementation of SD card support and the downstream effects that has caused on overall usability.

    Though Android Marshmallow allows SD storage to be combined with internal storage to form one contiguous block of memory, Samsung only allows SD to be used as external storage. While I prefer one large memory allocation, figured I could just relegate SD to photos, videos, and music. Or so I thought.

    I had been using Google Photos quite happily and wanted to continue using it on my S7 Edge. I like the automatic cloud backup, the editing capabilities of the app, and the PC web interface.

    Sadly, and for some unknown reason, Google Photos DOES NOT have write permissions for the SD card. This means I can't use Google Photos to delete photos (says I have to use stock gallery app) and any photos I edit with Google Photos are saved in the Pictures directory of internal storage, wasting precious, limited space when I have gobs of SD storage available.

    I'm looking in to QuickPic as an alternative as it has a workaround for the SD permissions issue though it requires an extra step every time. Less than ideal.

    So Samsung's decision regarding SD implementation has negative implications for me. There may be more but this is the biggest obstacle I've seen so far.

    Lastly, and semi-related, is issues I have moving DCIM from old phone to new. I copied the entire DCIM folder from my S6 to my PC desktop then copied the folder to a DCIM directory on the S7 Edge. A large number of videos now show up in the date they were transferred rather than the date they were recorded. Suggestions on correcting this? Or better idea on how to migrate DCIM files to new phone?

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