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S7 Edge Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kylecummins, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Getting the phone Friday, really curious about peoples results so far.


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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Stickied. :thumbsupdroid:
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  3. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Fully charged, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S7 edge. Turned off both simultaneously last night and in the morning: –
    Percentage Available Capacity

    S6 edge – 77%
    S7 edge – 92%

    Both Phones active with Sim cards. (The boss lady and mine) and fairly similar apps. Not too scientific, but there is absolutely no question in my mind that the Galaxy S7 edge battery is better and/or the Galaxy S7 edge is more efficient in using power.

    I use MacroDroid in both phones to shut down background services etc. etc.
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  4. Riche101

    Riche101 Android Enthusiast

  5. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    god i hope that videos an accurats representation.. Cant wait to pick it up
  6. Riche101

    Riche101 Android Enthusiast

    It's looking that the Edge is a beast, it's going to vary of course
  7. kisby

    kisby Well-Known Member

    So far, good for me. I've been on the phone almost constantly, well about 50% of the time, for the past 7 hours. I've been uploading apps, getting emails and texts, etc. More use than I would normally have since I'm setting up a new phone. Still at 80% battery.
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  8. Nick The Great

    Nick The Great Well-Known Member

    Mine isn't much better than my S4 I just replaced. :rolleyes:

    I'm at 54% right now since off the charger at 5:45 this morning. Just a little bit of light web browsing. :oops:
  9. senorian

    senorian Lurker

    I'm starting to feel like mine is going to be like this instead of what Kisby is getting. I've been messing around with some of the options to hopefully improve it. I charged it full on the day I got it and yesterday I let it drain completely before recharging it. Just seems to go a bit faster then what i'd like.
  10. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Try not to let the battery drain too much on a regular basis. These batteries have better life and performance if they are charged before the level falls to low.
  11. Rich_NY

    Rich_NY Well-Known Member

    Really Snake? Good to know, ty
  12. Nick The Great

    Nick The Great Well-Known Member

    I just did a factory data reset this morning to see if it helps. I am also have some random restarts, so my phone is kinda hosed up.

    I'm at 65% now, off the charger since 6:30 am. I had GPS and music going on my way to work, and did the FDR in there too.
  13. Greg Frye

    Greg Frye Lurker

    So far I've got 4hrs sot and at 50%. And I've been doing everything. I have my screen set on 40% auto. This is perfect for me. I don't like it too bright.
  14. jack58

    jack58 Android Expert

    ...and you just got this phone??? You must have loaded up a bad ap program when you got it.
  15. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Awesome so far, just got the edge yesterday with the 3600mah battery, over 5hrs screentime and 8hrs uptime, out of the box and the initial charge. It still had 15% charge left when i was done yesterday. So that was with me setting up everything and hammering the phone and all the functions for 2-3hrs straight, then another 2 hrs of screentime later on, pretty impressed. Should be a lot better after the next charge and some idle time mixed in.
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  16. daposaspo

    daposaspo Newbie

    Does it charge as quickly as advertised?
  17. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    On mine, from 15% it took about 1hr 15mins if i remember correctly. From 58% it took about 20mins, using the fast charge.
  18. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Some more info after the 1st proper charge. 4hrs screen on time, with 15hrs uptime, and 32% charge left, not too shabby for a 5.5" screen and most of SOT using the battery hog that is facebook ;)

  19. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    I know the battery is a lot bigger now, but so is the screen. I am really finding no difference in battery life and still only get about a day with "how I use it." After dinner I am about 20-30% same as every other Android and iPhone I have had and I have to put it on the charger every night.
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  20. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    This topic is always subjective, it depends on what apps you use and how you use the phone. I'm not sure how the guy in that vid above got over 6hrs SOT and nearly 2 days of uptime "playing games" and all the other things he mentioned though.

    I'm definitely seeing a SOT improvement over the S5 i had previously which was on Lollipop though. And when the phone is idle for longer periods when i'm at work i suspect the uptime will be a lot longer before it needs charging again. I'm not sure if this is due to Marshmallow (unlikely) or the S7 edge being more efficient (likely).
  21. Maxwell Olmen

    Maxwell Olmen Lurker

    I'm usually getting 5-6 hours of SOT on the weekends when I use it on a regular schedule. Always On Display hardly puts a dent in it, and I'm happy about that. I can go a whole day (regardless of the day of the week) without charing it and almost constantly using it. Since I'm still in in grade school (I know, I'm a nub), I normally get in about 3 hours of SOT on weekdays, since I normally use my computer once I get back home.
  22. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    People with an active lifestyle, who tend to move around (with their phone) will tend to have slightly less battery efficiency than those who work at a desk. This is because the Doze function in marshmallow is enabled when the phone is lying flat, motionless and unused. Apparently N (New York Cheesecake) will fix that limitation. I wish someone could find a way (without root) to enable this function by choice.
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  23. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Always on display uses about 1% per hour, plus about 1% per hour when idle. I'm getting 3.5-4hrs SOT with 24hrs uptime now the batt has "learn't" my activity and settled in a bit more.
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  24. Pingu27

    Pingu27 Lurker

    This battery is crazy. Never used a phone with a battery this good before. I'm starting to believe you can watch a full season of GoT on a single charge.

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  25. rivera02

    rivera02 Android Enthusiast

    Yea this thing sips battery watching videos. I always said I would never buy a phone without a removable battery because I never had a phone that could get me through a full day, but this thing is ridiculous.

    I'm sitting at 61% right now with about 6.5 hrs up time and 2hr 35min SOT. I make no attempts to conserve battery either beyond disabling apps I don't use. Couldn't be happier coming from a v10.
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