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S7 Edge Camera Failed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by t sport 1978, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    Got my Edge yesterday as one of the pre orders, today after 1 full day I got a message to say camera failed when I started the camera. I tried a restart to no avail, did *#0*# and even there it said camera failed which had me worried. I had to do a factory reset in the end which did solve it.

    I shall keep you guys posted, but if it happens again I am going for a return.


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  2. Lee Evenden

    Lee Evenden Lurker

    I have had the same camera failed error on my S7 Edge. I tried clearing camera data and cache and also the partition cache which didn't help. I was just about to give in an accept having to do a full reset (didn't want to as i've only just got an my Play store music downloaded!). Anyway I spotted in the backup and reset menu the is an option to reset settings which I tried and it's fixed the camera, also as a bonus there's only minimal work to get the phone back how I like it (all apps and accounts are intact)
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  3. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Glad that worked for you. The failure has happened again after my reset and setting everything up again :mad:

    This time it happened after switching between the selfie cam and main cam, but it fixed itself after a restart.

    Still keeping an eye.

    Got to say, my S6 never have me problems like this and was solid. :(
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I just read to where there are two different cameras being used in the S7/S7 Edge,may be a defect in one or the other:
    Also,it seems it's not correlated to which processor you have either,both Snapdragon & Exynos models have been reported to have either the Sony or the Samsung camera hardware..................

    Here's a link to an app that determines what hardware is used on your phone:
  5. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that info. It turns out I have the Samsung sensor... I had the Sony sensor in my s6 which had no problems. Incidentally I also had a bad S6 initially (which I returned) which had a dark patch consistently in every picture that I took... Guess which sensor that had.
  6. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Android Enthusiast

    IMHO I would see if I could return it for a new device if this happened again, even if you are able to clear it after a restart. If it's any indication of problems down the road, then I'd try to avoid that now - especially considering how the camera is a major point of the GS7. Good luck - hope this clears up!
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  7. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Totally off-topic, but Aida64 started as a hardware analysis and monitoring system for PCs and is absolutely awesome. Anyone interested in the inner workings of their PC should check it out. I'd say more than three quarters of all PC overclocker's swear by it. Their android app referenced by KOLIO is pretty cool too.
  8. vlsi

    vlsi Lurker

    Don't bother returning the device. I already did because of this exact reason. The error now showed up on the new device again. I opened a ticket at samsung customer support and sent them the logcat file of my phone today. No reaction so far.
  9. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    VLSI - I have opened dialogue via email with them (no reply yet) and I will see how it goes, but I am veering toward a refund as well. I didn't pay £640 for something that may or may not work properly.

    Just to let you know, the camera has failed to open in all attempts now since the factory reset. It's packed back into the box and waiting for solution... Back to my trusty S6 for now.
  10. Lpanjwani4

    Lpanjwani4 Lurker

    Possible Solution - Turn off Report Diagnostics Info & Try all the above steps including wipe cache partition, clear app data, reset settings.
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  11. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I did the following and it's looking promising so far:

    Factory reset and NOT used Google restore or Samsung restore.

    Reinstalled all apps manually.

    Reformatted the sd card using this phone.

    Will keep you guys posted.
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  12. pud74

    pud74 Lurker

    I'm keeping an eye on this post this has happened twice now!! I did restore from google and I think Samsung too.
    Did everyone one with this problem do a restore using their google or and Samsung accounts? t sport 1978 has the problem been fixed has it come back?
  13. Railwaypete

    Railwaypete Lurker

    Reset Settings seem to fix the Camera fault (For now anyway!)
  14. MagicMarker

    MagicMarker Well-Known Member

    I get the exact same problem. Not even put my sim card in yet...

    Not very happy with it so far. The VR thing is awesome though!
  15. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Railwaypete - Reset solves it until it happens again, there is some other root cause.
    Pud74 - fine so far, but it's only been 12 hours or so.

    More worrying though, Samsung have so far completely ignored my request for support, replacement or refund. It's been 2 full working days since my communication with them. That's appalling.
  16. vlsi

    vlsi Lurker

    Definetly some firmware Problem. I just got mine replaced as DOA again and after 5 reboots the same error message pops up again. So 3 completly new Galaxy S7 edge Devices i've tried so far show the exact same behaviour.
  17. spotlight79

    spotlight79 Lurker

    Hey guys! Having the same problem here. Isocell sensor for what it's worth. Started on day 1. Had the phone for 5 days now, camera failed 4 times so far. No restoring apps here, no account backups, nothing. So - it has nothing to do with restoring your account. The first time it happened, I did a factory reset... second time... reset settings... But there is even a better way that doesn't mess up anything - simulating pulling the battery out by holding the volume down and the power button for 20 seconds. After that, the camera also works and you don't have to redo your settings.
    Today I wrote an email to the retailer where I got the phone, they spoke to Samsung, Samsung told them to replace my phone. So... I can get a new one on Monday... but after reading all this here and also over at XDA... not sure that will help...
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  18. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    It seems that this is probably an error associated with the Samsung sensor. You might be better off asking your retailer to send you a unit with the Sony sensor. I'm sure they can check that before they send it to you. That's assuming that both are available in your region.
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  19. spotlight79

    spotlight79 Lurker

    That would be what I'd like to do, yes.... But it seems that all European units ship with Isocell sensors.
  20. I've had this issue as well. Factory reset seemed to resolve the issue but only temporarily. Going to try reset settings now. If that doesn't work I'm going to get a replacement. I too have emailed Samsung but with no reply yet. Shame as I love the phone
  21. Reset settings has got my camera working again.. My s7 edge has got the isocelll and exynos processor according to AIDA 64. I'll see how long the camera stays working for this time
  22. johnboyw

    johnboyw Newbie

    Hi. I have had this issue also. The fix for now is to turn off Smart Stay and reboot your phone. Samsung know about the issue and are working on a fix for it.
  23. Railwaypete

    Railwaypete Lurker

    Thanks -Have tried your suggestion and it saves doing a reset settings every time I turn the phone on!
  24. Lee Evenden

    Lee Evenden Lurker

    So Ive done some testing of sorts, reset settings was fixing the problem but it was just coming back again so I did a complete factory reset and didn't use the restore (Google or Samsung). Everything was working ok so I added all the free photo filters from the Samsung store and the camera failed started happening again, removed them all and it worked again. Now I haven't tried adding them one by one to see if it's a specific one but I don't think it's one of the Samsung filters as I have them all back on now so I suspect that it's one of the 3rd party filters (ucam, camera360, aillis or candy camera)
  25. Railwaypete

    Railwaypete Lurker

    Try johnboyw's suggestion -t worked for me.
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