S7 Features - what are they like?


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Hi all,

I'm seriously considering getting an S7 (not Edge, I'm not sure the Edge adds anything to the party) and I haven't owned a Samsung since the S3 so curious as to what I can expect from the S7.

TouchWiz - this was awful on S3 and I'm not sure if it has got any better since then! Are the rumours true that Samsung have been working with Google to minimise the impact of TouchWiz?

Camera - I've currently got an LG G4 and the camera on that is pretty sweet, but LG's way of designing software makes it horrendous to get some of the stuff you've shot off the device in the way intended. For example, slow motion - based on the S6, how easy is this to get off the phone and remain in slomo, unlike the G4 which just exports a 120fps video played at normal speed? Will the S7 have the ability to shoot at different frame rates, similar to the Nexus 6P? Can you control which parts of the video are normal and slow?

The low light shots and other camera samples I've seen look good, and I like the idea of a built in hyperlapse (although does this have a shooting length limitation?) and some of the live shot features too. Interested to hear if these were available on previous Galaxy phones and if they worked well.

Build - one of the hands on reviews I read said that because the S7 was made from glass it was a finger print magnet. That may be true, but what I really want to know is it going to be easily shattered? Or is a protective case an absolute must on this phone? Is it the same as the S6 in this regard and should I visit a shop to play with the S6 to get a feel of how the S7 looks and feels in the hand?

Battery life - What is it likely to be like? 3600mAh seems to be quite a decent figure to have stuck in the S7, but is it likely to eat through that? I see that depending on which market you are in will determine whether you get a Samsung CPU or a Snapdragon 820; will the difference here have any impact on battery life?

Android Updates - are Samsung still very slow in getting these out, if at all?

Samsung Upgrade Program - I'm considering getting my phone through this plan (and therefore getting a new one every 12 months) but the T&Cs seem to be quite strict around returning the phone at the end of the 12 months for a new one and you must return the phone you were originally given - if the phone is potentially as delicate as it sounds (being made of glass) and I have an accident in which my insurance company replaces the phone, are Samsung likely to reject this when returned to them? Is there anything with this plan I should be wary of?

Thanks all


I'll chime-in with my 2¢, most recent point-of-reference is the Note5:

Touch Wiz:
Honestly,you can use as much,or little of it as you please & forget the rest.
A 3rd party Launcher such as Apex/Nova goes a long way to improve any Android.
(Why one or the other hasn't been bought & folded-in to a mfgs U/I is beyond me,would be suitable for stock Android,JMHO...)
If you're referring to lag,it's not as bad as in past devices,virtually non-existent & suspect even better for the S7.

Can't go wrong with either LG or Samsung.
Samsung point & shoot is a bit quicker than LG.

Build Quality:

Any phone is subject to breakage,but,the glass design of the Samsung devices are tougher than one would think.
I wouldn't worry about it any more or less than any other phone.
My advice:
If you're accustomed to using a case,take your pick,lots of options with Samsung flagship models.
My use?
I use a holster & body skin + backless bumper on my Note5 & it looks just as good as the day I got it.
I consider myself a light to moderate phone user,but,I don't shy away from using it in any situation in fear of damaging it.

Battery Life:
My Note5 has the same capacity as the S7.
I make it through a workday with about 25% remaining,you should do a bit better with an improvement in O/S & smaller display.

Not much improvement through the years,I expect more of the same,they've given no reason to believe otherwise...........

Samsung Upgrade Program:
I'm leery of sending off a phone for someone to judge its condition.
I passed on pre-ordering on my Jump On Demand for this reason.
I want the transaction to be finalized right then & there,in-person,in-store.