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S8 keeps ringing even after voicemail picks up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kris443, Jun 10, 2020.

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    new to me used S8 just updated to G950FXXS8DTC6 / G950FOXM8DTC1 / G950FXXS8DTC1 (Apr 1) (G950FD)
    Just got this (ebay), used, but knox bit is 0 (yay).
    After it took the update, I did setting/reset/factory reset to make sure all was clean.
    So been checking it out.
    US Boston ATT Prepaid.
    (top floor of 20 story building)(note I can go up a floor to the level of the HVAC stuff and get clean sig and clear view of sats/GPS)

    4g sig is weak inside apt (new windows/steel/concrete etc) not as good as Moto X4 for phone call sig strength, so trying "4G LTE signal boot" app but open to other suggestions!!! <-------
    Changed: trying "Network Signal Strength Speed Booster"

    Takes nice pics! even in twilight. (HDR = on)

    BUT, I called myself via Skype and phone kept on ringing even when it went to voicemail. Why? Way to stop that? Didn't stop ringing until I hung up on voicemail.

    Note: I do not use Samsung account. am not logged in.

    Thanks all!

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