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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by powerpack, May 30, 2010.

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    My name is Rick and I am a smart phone addict. I now except the fact that I have a problem. That is the first step in getting better. No I do not have an Android phone (yet). It is the Sunday mourning before the release of the new Sprint EVO and I should be spending time with the family doing the holiday cookout or "whatever", but I am here on a smart phone forum.

    My problems started back in the 90's when Palm introduced the PDA to the world. They are the one's responsible for my problem. (That's not true, I must take responsibility) I guess I was a founding member of a group referred to as social mobile computing (Palm fan boy). When the Treo came out I didn't realize what this would lead to. I mean eveyone makes mobile phone calls. Right. I was just making calls but my phone was a PDA also. I started cheating on my desktop computer. It was not as exciting as my smart phone. I thought it was just a phase, I was not addicted. I tried to solve the problem by buying bigger and better home computers but nothing helped. I still needed that thrill of a brand new really cool application for my smart phone.

    Palm got me hooked but they could only get me so high. No Wifi and GPS on one device. Sure they tried. I went through withdrawal for over a year waiting on the new Pre, only to be let down. I needed more, better apps. Why could I not do all the things I could do on my old two year old Treo? I should have quit then. But my work required a Blackberry but they couldn't do all the things my Palm could do to begin with but they got better. I used a Windows mobile phone to get by until the Blackberry could take the place of my Palm. Blackberry's are great and all but what about the new hardware. The slick interface. I can't settle just for the applications that I use. I need more excitement.

    That leads me to today. I need your help. Do I choose the shiny new EVO or do I go after a new dealer (er company). I have never craved an Iphone. I may be addicted but I don't need brainwashed too. But the new Iphone looks so good. But that would probably require me to wait even longer. That might even be near the end of the month. I need a new smart phone like last week.

    Thanks for being there for me and providing me a safe place to work to overcome my addiction. I will try to help others with their problems also.

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