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Sad to be leaving

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chukka63, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. chukka63

    chukka63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    A couple of weeks ago I read many rumours about the N6 being 6" so took the gamble of buying a moto x and it really is no different to the N5,so far I'm happy with my new phone.
    Thx to all that replied/helped me with my N5 questions over the last year.

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  2. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-)

    Hey, you can still hang out here. We don't mind. ;)
  3. Hunter5

    Hunter5 Android Enthusiast

    Ditto!! ;)
  4. chukka63

    chukka63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thx.I have a knack of getting broken/faulty goods.The moto x is going back as it's faulty so I've asked for a full refund and now gone back to me N5 as the moto x was no better than the N5 IMO.I also don't like the lack of notification light and having to pass my hand over the phone just in case I have a notification.So you're stuck with me for a bit longer lol
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  5. g01851

    g01851 Well-Known Member

    Given the pricing on the N6 (nevermind the size), I think the N5 community will be around awhile longer :)
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  6. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    With Google still selling the 5, this place will still be around ;)
  7. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I have a feeling my N6 will be sold or returned due to this. I rely on the notification light all throughout the day.
  8. Hunter5

    Hunter5 Android Enthusiast

    Glad to continue to have you on board. :) Just recently had to say no to purchasing the N6 (nothing due to the phone just simply price at this point), pissed off for a few days and realized....why am I upset, I have an awesome phone with the N5 and I'm saving myself $700. What could be better. :smokingsomb:
  9. xdrc45

    xdrc45 Android Enthusiast

    Sad to see you go :( and glad to have you back! :thumbup: the Moto X is a really nice device, but I agree with you that it's not better than the N5. A really good friend of mine has one and I definitely prefer my N5 over his Moto X and really I think he actually has a little bit of a phone envy, desire and inner jealousy of my N5 over his Moto X lol :p and my N5 does seems noticeably faster and smother when they're compared next to each other.

    I'm still really up in the air though about the N6 I like the look, awesome specs and hardware. The price point on it is what really puts me off at the moment. It's quite the price increase from the N5 (although I do realize that it's in the phablet category and expected a price increase... but $700 :eek: )
    My N5 is still less than a year old and by far the best phone I've ever owned, absolutely love it and it's still going strong and performing amazingly and I'll keep it until it is completely dead.
    Then again I won't make that decision or possible N6 purchase until around January or so. That's when I typically purchase my new devices and more than likely I'll look around on Swapa or similar for a slightly used but mint condition one and hopefully at better price point.
    Either way, I have to get a new and better phone for my wife. Currently She's using an LG Optimus L9 with terrible internal memory, only 1.80GB of user usable internal memory, has an Encrypted and unlockable bootloader, so I use the stock modified KumaKan ROM and have to use an internal/external SD card memory swap script that switches her 16GB SD card to the internal storage and the internal 1.80GB is switched to the external SD card at least this way she can download more than 8 apps and not start to run out of storage. I've got it tweaked and customized to the max for her and it runs way better than stock ROM by far but it's still slow, laggy and has poor hardware, only a 1GH dual core processor and 1GB of RAM.

    So long story short, I do in fact need to purchase a new phone and my thoughts and options on it here personally I think are to eithet go out and get the N6 for me and pass my N5 down to her, or just buy her a N5 also (which she loves and thinks my N5 is an awesome phone) or get her a new moto X and have her order it and build her one for herself and customize it to her liking. Also a lot of other newer devices will be released by then and there could possibly prove to be some other nice devices out there at this time. All thought I'm not a huge fan of TouchWiz or HTC Sense so I'm pretty sure those devices are out of the line up.

    Man decisions... Decisions you know! :rolleyes: At least I still have a couple of months to decide and figure out exactly what I/we want to do and hopefully that will give me enough time by then that I won't make any hasty decisions and really I would like to continue to support the Nexus line. Plus by then I should be able to actually get an N6 in my hands and give it a test run and see how I really feel about it.
  10. wolfen69

    wolfen69 Member

    They won't be selling it for much longer. But you will be able to buy them from ebay, swappa, amazon, etc. for quite some time.
  11. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    I think they're gonna sell it for at least a little more time, for those that want a smaller phone but still want a nexus
  12. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    I thought they would too, but they're out of inventory right now. :dontknow:
  13. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    They've been in and out of inventory for months now it seems.

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