Jul 5, 2013
Indiana, USA
***DISCLAIMER*** There may be another thread like this, but I clearly couldn't find it, or I wouldn't have posted this. Thanks for understanding. ***DISCLAIMER***

I have enabled an option of simulate secondary screen without knowing what it did. It instantly froze my phone. I have looked up how to get into safe mode, but have been unable to. If you have any suggestions at all, feel free to reply. Please.
Turn your phone off, remove and reinsert the battery and turn it on. As soon as you see the HTC logo, hold down volume down, until you feel the phone vibrate 3 times.

I think that's how it worked on my Desire HD.

Failing that, boot in to recovery and reflash the ROM?
I tried all combinations I could think of. Nothing works. Does cyanogenmod even have a safe mode?

But I just thought of something...
What if I did a nandroid backup, flashed the rom, and then restored the apps? Do you think that would work?
It didn't work. I think both apps and settings are stored in the data section of the backup. So, restoring the apps would restore the settings. I wonder if there is an adb fastboot option for safe mode.
Are you restoring apps & data from a nandroid backup? Yeah, that would restore settings too. Do you have backups made with titanium or a similar app, wiping, flashing the ROM again, then restoring from TB wouldn't restore settings etc.
I never got titanium backup cause I never think of it :/ I'll just have to find some way to edit that one setting out of my nandroid backup I guess. If there's a way
There isn't a way unfortunately. :(

However, TB can extract apps and their associated data from nandroid backups. So if you reflash, don't restore data, boot into the OS, install TB (I think you need the paid version), you can have TB interrogate the backup you made in recovery and have it restore apps without system settings.

Make sense?
Errrr. Sometimes I can be so stupid. I just remembered that I could've used my nandroid backup from a few days ago that wouldn't boot and then restored the system section of the later backup.unfortunately I deleted that first backup to free up space on my sd card for pictures.

Nandroid browser was useless. Didn't work :(
Can I just delete the settings file from the data section of the nandroid backup? Or would that somehow screw up the md5?

But like many people I don't even know how an md5 works.