Root safe to remove apps


Ive just rooted the dx2 and am about to buy titanium backup but I'm still not clear on a couple things.
What is the benefit to freezing apps?
Does it just make the icons go away or does it free up space too?
My biggest motivation in rooting is actually getting rid of all this bloat and not just making the icon disappear from the app list.
What is safe to completely uninstall?


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Freezing an app will basically hide it from the OS and prevent it from taking up memory. The benefit of freezing is that you can unfreeze it later if you start getting FC's. Especially now I don't yet see a way to restore the stock rom so if something gets jacked up your pretty much stuck at this point. Your still freeing up the up from memory. I would get rid of the "News" and "News and Weather" app first. This helped to free up a ton of memory of my Eris.