Safely disconnecting phone from computer?

Hi everyone,

Received my N4 this week, and still getting used to it.
So I'm transferring files on my computer quite a bit at the moment, and I can't find a way of 'safely removing device'. Is this critical? I'm just unplugging my phone and it doesn't seem right.



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If I know my device isn't being used I just remove it. And doing this hasn't caused me any issues, whether its my phone or any other external storage.

Although the times that I do use the Safe Disconnection you'll find it in the bottom right corner of the task bar, assuming your using Windows.


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Thanks for the reply Remeniz,

I'm on Windows 7, and the the shortcut to remove the USB devices isn't there (this is my normal method of removing Pen drives etc.)
Rather strange.


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I generally will just unplug the phone, too. I haven't had any issues either. It is recommended to use the "safely remove option" however as it might leave a file in a locked state, if the volume isn't unmounted cleanly.

On Windows XP/Vista/7 you just click on the USB icon in the task bar (lower right corner) and select the device you want to remove. I'm not sure if Windows 8 works the same way, but knowing Microsoft, they've moved it. :rolleyes:

BTW, I just plugged my phone in and the USB icon did show up in my task bar. Have you tried rebooting the PC?


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Hi Lunatic,

The computer has been rebooted and hasn't made any difference.

Even right clicking the Nexus in the Explorer view, there isn't a option to 'eject'. Unlike any other USB device I use.

I wonder if the drivers hasn't been stored correctly.


In Windows 8 my Nexus 4 shows up as a MTP device (Zune, iPod, MP3,etc...). You can select 'Eject MTP' in the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' icon from 'show hidden icons' shortcut on desktop taskbar & safely eject your phone from there.


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There is a small triangle that shows the hidden icons that are in the taskbar. If you click on it a small window will popup and there will be a few more icons in it. Also it will have the word customize and if you click on it then a window will open and show the icons for the taskbar. beside each one is a drop down window that allows you to

hide icons
show only notifications
show always

Select the ones you want to see all the time and select show always.

Sometimes an update will reset these and you may need to do it again.


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Thanks for the replies.

I feel like a computer novice! LOL.
I've checked in the 'customize' option, and the Nexus isn't recognised. I didn't know this was how to customise the icon tray, so I'm learning something :)