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Safely Removeable Bloatware

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KleinerGTI, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. KleinerGTI

    KleinerGTI Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So no one bricks their phones... Many of these are self-explanatory and you can figure most out from the icons, but better safe than sorry.

    These are located in /system/app so don't go deleting things you're unsure of.

    Easy-WiFi-android-4.0.136.apk - MetroPCS Easy WiFi
    (You could leave this intact as it circumvents the login procedure at SOME public hotspots (such as Starbucks))

    Metro411_V1.0.7.1_02042011.apk - Metro411

    metroappstore1.5.apk - Metro App Store
    (You may want to leave this if you want to rebloat your phone, but otherwise useless)

    MetroBackup_1.70.apk - Metro BackUp
    (We have droids, our contacts are safe with the benevolent Google, as long as your account is set up)

    MetroPCS_Visual_Voice_Mail_3_14_04.apk - Visual Voice Mail

    MetroSTUDIO_v1.00.30_Build30_03302011.apk - MetroStudio

    MyExtras.apk - My Extras
    (They're extra annoying)

    (May consider leaving as it allows you to view account info, but can be removed)

    Samsung_R720_IMandSocial_V4.0.8_build0203.apk - IM and Social
    (AIM, Facebook, Twitter, crap like that)

    SamsungR720_MetroNavigator_4.9.1_Build_86_04252011_rel_signed_PROD.apk - MetroNavigator
    (We have Navigation for this)

    ThinkFree.apk - ThinkFree Office
    (May be useful to some people)

    z7-android2x.apk - Mail@Metro
    (Not necessary unless you don't use Gmail)

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Jaymoney

    Jaymoney Newbie

    I removed all of the following with no issues:

    app store 1.5
    books 1.3.4
    email 2.3.4
    google pinyin 1.3.4
    im and social 4.0.8
    korean keyboard 0.76
    m studio 1.00.30
    magic smoke wallpapers 2.3.4
    metro backup 1.70
    metro navigator atlasbook_4.9.1.86
    metropcs easy wifi 4.0.136
    myextras 3.0.13
    talk 1.3

    Thats 15 crapware applications (possibly with the exception of talk & books, if you use these) all removed.

    Its nice seeing only the essentials in the applications folder.

    EDIT: If anyone here has titanium backup PRO and can freeze voice dialer and voice search, let us know the result. I am wondering if these can be safely removed from the Phone.
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  3. Jaymoney

    Jaymoney Newbie

    Also, does anyone know if its possible to remove Latitude and Places? Titanium backup doesnt list them as individual applications. Are they part of google maps? If so i guess im stuck with them.
  4. jaypsss

    jaypsss Lurker

    Anyone else's phone reboot after uninstalling a bloatware app? Each time I uninstalled metro bloatware, it rebooted o__o Seems to be working fine, though.
  5. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    should usually leave google apps in place.. i dont believe that the voice search is required as it can be downloaded fromt he market.. as far as latitue and places.. they are part of google maps from what i can tell. they come on all phones as part of the google software
  6. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Yes. After removing key keyboards and other system apps with titanium backup it reboots
  7. Grizzly907LA

    Grizzly907LA Lurker

    How do we get to that folder on the phone. My device is rooted.
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  8. dubtee

    dubtee Well-Known Member

    you have to download a FILE MANAGER from android market paid\free,,, root explorer is a paid app but i beleave astro file manager :Dis free
  9. EmLeingod

    EmLeingod Lurker

    Titanium Backup can remove bloatware, but be careful, don't want to uninstall anything that is important or needed, like I did.
  10. maxroach

    maxroach Newbie

    ...Um, like what? I just got an Admire, Titanium Backup seems to work well, I removed Appstore 1.5. What did you remove that caused problems?
  11. bowtomecha

    bowtomecha Newbie

    My admire had a problem with me removing mymetro. It would reboot and when I would click the home button to access anything it would reboot again. I think I tried removing it with Titanium so maybe I should use root explorer instead?
  12. endrialb

    endrialb Newbie

    anyone tried to delete gmail is it safe?
    btw i removed the list from Jaymoney and had no problems at all, its safe and ur phone get faster
  13. bowtomecha

    bowtomecha Newbie

    I'm not sure if you should remove Talk. I heard that its needed for certain things for google.
  14. jordanishere

    jordanishere Newbie

  15. eric181991

    eric181991 Well-Known Member

    wat ever u guys do...DO NOT Delete Any google apps ....u will **** your phone......the metro apps u can delete but dont dont delete any google apps at all
  16. jordanishere

    jordanishere Newbie

    Not true. You can delete google talk if you want to and it wont cause you any problems.

    I have heard of people being unable to access the web after deleting my metro however.
  17. you can delete talk, voice search and voice dialer. if you delete metroweb without having another browser installed it will keep you from accessing the web, so make sure you got another browser goin.
  18. indawdz

    indawdz Lurker

    Hello all. New to the rooting process. Have a question. I rooted my phone and opened up the file manager to remove some bloatware, but when I do, I get an "Error Deleting Files." Or when I try to uninstall, I get an "Uninstall not Successful." Can you help me out on this?
  19. jordanishere

    jordanishere Newbie

    You cant delete bloatware with the stock file manager because of its inability to remount the partitions from ro to rw.

    The easiest & safest way to remove bloatware is via titanium backup. This program will allow you to backup all the programs on your phone, so if you delete one that screws things up you can restore it without hurting the phone.
  20. sc2dave

    sc2dave Member

    do u have to have phone rooted in order to do this?
  21. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    You can delete gmail

    Google talk is needed to download from the market. And yes have another browser downloaded and installed if you delete the stock browser. You also can delete all the calendar apks including the sync one. Theres 3 or 4 total google calendar apks

  22. portedbikes

    portedbikes Lurker

    OMG I loved my phone when I just got it, now I can't believe it, battery last 24 Hrs not standing by... Using it. This phone has 5 stars from me, coming from an ascend the difference is incredible since it is only 200 more Mhz and multitouch.

    I got rid of the Browser as well since I use Dolphin HD, got rid of the Live wallpapers (all of them) since will only make phone slower and eat the battery.

    And also got rid of myMetro (you have to reboot the phone once you erase or move this apk to the SD card since it will keep telling you the app failed to load, but after reboot all is good)

    I didn't erase all the aps, I just move them to the folder I called MetroCrap on my SD card (if they are not on the app folder they will not load, same thing as erasing it, but the chance to add them back anytime if needed).

    BTW I used Root Explorer to move/erase the aps, I find it very simple to use so well worth the U$S 4.

    Hope you guys enjoy your phones as much as I'm enjoying mine, have fun rooting :)
  23. xxxarcade

    xxxarcade Lurker

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to android phones n rooting n stuff (been using iphones n ipods till 11/25) just wanted to say my phone is now blazing fast after removing all that metro crap. Thanx everyone! :)
  24. sc2dave

    sc2dave Member

    Why is that rooting site down? The "one touch" one?
  25. DreamRaider

    DreamRaider Member

    How about loopt and pocket express?

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