Safety Warning on Startup?

Hello, every time on startup I keep getting this message. Nothing is going on or wrong with my phone. How do I dismiss this message? I don't want to reset my device either. I'm pretty sure I only started getting the message after one of the updates


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Does this continue to pop up?
By, "every time on startup" do you mean when unlocking the screen, or after powering back up after shutoff?

Have you done the Volume Down/Power key combo yet? I'm pretty sure all that does is reboot the device, not reset it as in, factory reset. The description would lead you to believe "reset" but I'm sure it means just a reboot....Edit....let me research that a minute :)

Edit again: Seems the button combo is just a soft reset (reboot)
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Thanks Mike, can see the attached image no problem. :) I've never seen anything like that before.
Yeah, me either. Wondering if since the OP's updated device, something went wonky.

Pending some clarification, perhaps a factory reset would resolve that issue, but that would be the last resort I suppose.