Nov 27, 2021
Hey everyone,

Today my Samsung A40 was due a software update, so I downloaded the update and left it to install. However, since it has installed my phone is completely unresponsive. I have tried doing a soft and hard reset, and followed every Youtube video suggestions like tapping the phone screen and rubbing the back cover (?). But still nothing.
The phone looks like it's on - there's a very very faint light, but it remains black soon after the Samsung A40 logo goes, and when I try to call it from another phone it goes straight to voicemail.
This problem already happened once after a system update and a phone repair shop was able to fix it for 20$ but of course he did not tell me what was wrong and I cannot get a hold of him now.
Unfortunately the phone is outside of its warranty period so sending it back to Samsung isn't an option.

If anyone has any further suggestions I'd appreciate it