Samsung A5 2017 will not let me download Uni Lecture.


Hello, I am an online student. Previously, I would log in to ilearn at Macquarie Uni. I would then go to my course, down to and enter Echo recordings, select the lecture, and then hit download. It would download to my device and I could access it any time. My Samsung S3 broke on Monday. On Tuesday, I received from Vodafone a Samsung A5 2017. They transferred all my data for me to the new phone. However, I now cannot download the file. I get as far as the echo recording, but when I hit download, I get a message within a minute telling me it was unsuccessful. I have tried removing AVG and Anti-spy free in case they were blocking it. That did not work, so have now reinstalled them. This is important to me, as I listen to all my lectures on the train. Any suggestions please. Something on this new device is preventing it from downloading. Thanks.