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Samsung Admire contacts not in order

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by verybusymom, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. verybusymom

    verybusymom Lurker
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    So far me and Dh love the Admire. The only thing is that is his contacts are not in alphabetical order. He has some that start with the letter K and showing up in the A's. Now I transferred his contacts from his old phone to his new one through the sd card and mine through gmail. Our setting are the same,both are set to display by first name but i dont see anywhere where i can change it to be in abc order. Did this happen because i transferred his through the sd card,which by the way was in abc order. It is making it hard for him to find contacts. Like i said,i checked both of our settings in they are the same. Also for some reason he has a few contacts at the top of his contact list before you get to the A's.
    Thanks for helping

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  2. RedBeansNrice

    RedBeansNrice Member

    I had this problem also and it was driving me crazy. I tried different dialers and sms apps, but my contacts were still out of order. This led me to believe that it must be a problem with my google contacts.
    To make a short story long, I always add a long introduction. My wife says I correct myself as if I was someone else speaking to myself, which makes me crazy in her book, but I digress.
    To fix this problem, get on your Pc and log into google contacts. This next step is long tedious and boring, but is necessary. Click on the name of the first contact. Just to the right of the name is a hidden menu called details, click on it and make sure the name is in the first name field. Contacts can only sort by first or last name, so just put them all in the first name field. You will notice as you go through these that some are in first name some are in last name, this is why your contacts are out of order. That will fix most of the problem. If you really want to be anal, you could delete any spaces between names and just capitalize the first letter of each word like this DrKevorkian. This is what I did and its all fixed. While your in there make sure the phone numbers of people that you like to text are set to mobile or they won't come up in the To: search bar. That's all I got to say about that.

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