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samsung admire issues (please help??in to deep)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by tsm, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Dec 29, 2011

    Dec 29, 2011
    ive recently purchased an andriod admire for the METRO pcs network...being the geek with very little life that i have ive spent just about everyday between this site the driodmarket,howardfourms and my driod (u rember that first driod dont u...all hits u at once and ur like HOLY $|-||T thats alot of apps and customability)...anywho on to why i am posting... let me start off by say yes i have read every post that i could find related to the com.andriod.phone error i can find and none of them seem to fit my situation.
    Okay so lets start from the begging...i didnt root my phone for like 2 and a hlaf days and had no problems YAY (mayb im not ready yet or mayb im just not one of those people that should b rooting driods to begin with that ive read about). After rooting my driod for sum UNGODFULL reason i didnt back up everything even tho EVERY POST IN CAPS LETTERS SAID "MAKE SURE U BACK UP UR EVERYTHING BEFORE ROOTING", prehaps i didnt know it would mess up so fast, after root i dl'd super user and es explorer and rom toolbox i believe it was....i didnt do much in es explorer just went thur to look at the system files not changing any of them or anything...then i began to play with the tool box....after seeing and realizeing everything i could mess up just by allowing a app to acceses su stuff (in my lin of work ive seem many legitament looking computer programs that were actually viruses out to get admin privs, so im sure theres some apps like that for driods) and being the noob that i am still to driod and smart phones i decided mayb i should unroot and get rid of programs that require it....this is were my lack of reserch comes in....instead of takeing the time to find an unroot program and spend 20 mins on my phone uninstalling apps i decided to do factory reset. Now my worked okay for a little while then all of a sudden wen i called somone it buzzd 3 tmes and forcefully shutdown com.andriod.phone, and it is still doing this....i found out a little bit later the the call is still being made and ringing on the other end.. and my market now says many apps that i was useing on my phone before the reset are now unavailble to sch-r720. ive tryed such things as switching back to the orignal prl 3018, switching to the update that metro gave me on over the phone prl 3026, ive tryed rooting agian to see if that would fix anything, but i cant install super user now or my es explorer, ive tryed to change my screen denisty (read somowhere that causes issues in admire driods) back down to like 166 (somehow its up to 199) but everything i install says it needs premission from superuser, but my phone says superusers not installed and the market says its no longer supports my phone(but also says its still installed on my phone??). so i am at a lost on how to get my calling abilities back. the texting and apps i do have still work and i can still download other apps from the market so its got to b sumthing in the programming of the phone right?? any help or insight on this would b GREATLY apprecieated thank,
    First Time Drioder, Tim


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