Samsung Android Event November 8th in NYC


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Samsung has been tearing it up with Android announcements lately and it looks like their streak of robotic sweetness will continue. They wowed us with a multi-carrier launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, launched the most impressive Android Tablet yet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and now they’ve announced a November 8th mobile event that [...]



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my question to this is how do we RSVP? or the question is can anyone RSVP or just those who received this invite?
I live in NYC and would like to attend.


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Well, it’s probably a safe bet that it’s not Froyo for the US Galaxy S phones.

Who knows when we’ll ever see that. They are 2-3 months and counting behind HTC and Motorola at this point.


ok, just seems that when something like this comes along, all the blogs and such a all atwitter with anticipation, and live blogging and news coming in as it happens, but if you look at the front page of all the major tech and gadget blogs most don't even mention the darn thing. I know it will probably just be a continuum launch or something, but still seems as though no one is trying to cover it. Given the amount of hype this was getting last week, it just is wierd to me. It seems you drive page views by hyping things up until they are "officially" shot down.