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Samsung Behold 2 LCD/Digitizer help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rebecca, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Rebecca

    Rebecca Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi I just recently replaced the lcd and digitizer on his phone MYSELF and I put the battery in and nothing happens til I plug it in to charge. The battery charging screen pops up but after five seconds turns off and stays off. I am trying to figure out why it does this. I connected the ribbons but theres one on I'm not sure about. It looks like it connects from the bottom piece where the LCD is to the top piece of the phone where the digitizer is.. its the only long ribbon and its one that you would have to detach to open the phone fully.I try to stuff it in the spot that I'm sure it belongs in but it doesn't stay and when I think its okay I slowly close the phone hoping its in but still the same issue with it turning off after a few seconds... The battery is fine I tried mine on his. The phone only turns on after I plug it in..but just for a few seconds of the charging screen. Oh and the spot I think it goes to is a little white square with a slot literally across from the ribbon bottom piece of the phone. I dont think you can pop this slot open to clamp the ribbon in too. The ribbon is also fully intact and the end of it and the contact area. I'm sorry if its on a thread already I am just getting irate about being on day 2 trying to figure this out with no topics or videos online about this for this phone.. Thanks in advance.....

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  2. chevy6869

    chevy6869 Lurker

    did the same thing then realized the ribbon for the buttons on the side busted probly while disassembling it now trying to figure out how to get that repaired

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