James Hooper

May 25, 2022
I have a pretty vanilla Samsung S9. This morning when I fired up the default Interner browser (Samsung's Chrome?) to Google.com and I noticed the header and bottom is a grayish tan ... not it's normal color. Normally i have 5 tabs open but only one tab opens. So i click on the search field and my recent searches aren't there. Then I notice I'm not logged in and log in and my recent searches are there. But no matter what my bookmarks are empty. Restarted my phone and ir doesn't help. Also if i close the Internet i have to log in each time. Never had to do that before. Another thing is if i have lets say 3 tabs open close the Internet and open the Internet back open it only opens one tab not the 3 that were open before closing.

Did I put it in some sort of safe browsing?