May 30, 2023
I damaged my older Samsung a20e and I don't know what to do.

As an amateur, I looked at various instructions on how to flash Firmware, as a result I downloaded more than one Firmware for a20e (O2C, which is correct in my case) and flashed it via Odin.

Unfortunately, I did it without making a backup because I am an amateur who got into something I had no business with.

Everything seemed fine, Odin wrote: Pass

But it isn't as it only loads the Samsung logo and keeps restarting.

After a while it throws me android recovery (if I don't go there myself) with the message: Can’t Load Android System Your Data May Be Corrupt

It offers me a factory data reset, but then nothing happens.

I somehow got to the normal android recovery menu, but even after deleting all the data, cache and trying to reboot it is still the same.

I will be glad if there is someone who can help me.
what is your model number? where did you get the firmware from? do you have a link? are you sure you flashed the correct firmware for your device? firmware are VERY specific to the device. flashing the wrong one is not good.
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