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Support Samsung Captivate Glide Gets Hot, Runs Down Battery, Shuts Down Randomly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by canehjan, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. canehjan

    canehjan New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 18, 2011
    Just got the Captivate Glide, first Android phone for me, and generally pretty happy. BUT, when I first got it, it would randomly shut down on me. When I eventually caught it in the act, the phone was very hot, and it was really running the battery down.

    Turns out, after much fooling around, that my problem was setting the Calendar synch (with Exchange Activesync) to "ALL". My recommendation is DON'T DO THAT, ever. It seems to send at least the Samsung variant of Android into some kind of infinite loop, where the calendar sync would never finish. Interestingly enough, I could also see the impact of this on my desktop Outlook, where calendar modifications would freeze up, conflicting it would appear with Activesync.

    Solution is (obviously) to reduce calendar sync to something less than ALL. However, as it turned out, this wasn't enough on its own. Turned out that there was something leftover in the Android cache which continued to cause the calendar sync to run forever.

    I finally found some info in this forum on how to restart my phone in recovery mode, and to then choose the Wipe Cache option. Once I did that, my phone was back to being fine, and I have had no further issues with it getting hot, burning up the battery, or randomly shutting down.

    Specific sequence of actions to fix this issue:

    1. Delete my account which was syncing to Exchange.
    2. Shut down and then restart phone in recovery mode. For the Samsung Captivate Glide, this required pressing the power, volume down and home keys all at the same time.
    3. The initial screen which appears gives you a choice of loading a replacement OS (volume up) or entering recovery mode (volume down). Note you have to hold the volume down key for several seconds before the recovery mode menu appears.
    4. From the recovery mode menu, choose "Wipe Cache Partition". Some other postings I saw suggested also doing the full wipe/factory reset, but I didn't find this necessary.
    5. Once the cache wipe is done, restart the phone. Then re-add the account with the Exchange sync feature, with calendar sync set to 30 days or whatever.
    6. Enjoy.....

    I am an Android newbie, and wouldn't have been able to piece this all together without assistance from existing postings. So wanted to try to give something back...hopefully this will be helpful to someone else.


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  2. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Jun 2, 2011
    Interesting. At first I thought this might be my issue too (phone freezes in lock mode, gets hot) but my wife's phone is doing the same thing and she doesn't have any exchange calendars set up. Perhaps some other sort of sync could do it too (gmail, google calendar, hotmail, etc.)
  3. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2010
    I've had this happen to me once with my Glide.
    Even one or twice with my old x10.

    Sometimes I just think it's a runaway process gone crazy.

    But for my glide, I know I downloaded and was trying ADW launcher and it happened the next day. I uninstalled it. and haven't had any issues since.

    If I see the problem again, maybe I'll connect it to Eclipse and see if anything shows in the track stace.
  4. miji2

    miji2 Member

    Jun 15, 2011
    Anyone on ICS and still experiencing these weird freezes?
  5. Chris0312

    Chris0312 New Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    Yes. Afraid so. Mine was acting really strange the past few weeks, heating up and shutting down randomly. I, too, though ICS might be the cure but, alas, I still had the same issues after a long and painful upgrade process (Kies:mad:!). Mine was still under warranty so I took it to an AT&T service center and they finally gave me a new phone. They were skeptical of my claims at first but then the phone froze while the guy was trying to back up my data. :D
  6. Hazard1nc

    Hazard1nc New Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Hey y'all. I'm not usually on this site but I am on another popular board I won't disclose just out of respect for this site..

    Okay so I got a couple questions about your phones..

    I need you to go into settings>about> now scroll down to android version and if your at 4.0+ I might know how to fix it.

    If your on gingerbread 2.3.x (android 2.3.x)
    I recommend going to at&t/rogers support site and see if others on their support sites have the same issues and if or what support measures they give you for that version you should hold to it.

    If your phone is rooted (look in your app drawer, looks like 4 blocks 2 stacks of 2) for an app called superuser..

    If you have this your phone is without warranty and you should go learn how to get a stock ics from on your phone before support will help you.

    As for android 4.0.+ users,

    You will want to root your phone, its very easy but you will want to install clockworkmodrecovery, do not install the app from the market place as its not gonna help you, there is no officially supported recovery mod by the clockwork dev group for our phone model sgh-i927.

    The reason you need this? Your going to get a zip aligned arm7 optimized copy through the recovery because its the best way to root it.

    Google how to install clockworkmodrecovery on Samsung captivate glide

    You will find a site in the top10 that will educate you for sure..

    You will need drivers for your computer, this will be on Samsung.com or in the online notes of the googled cwmr install and you will need Odin3 1.85
    This is going to flash the phone.

    Okay now if you turn the phone off.. press and hold the volume up button and power, keep holding until it prints some white letters at the top saying download mode and.some other random. Looking numbers and letters, and release..

    Plug in your glide via USB and launch Odin

    I am not gonna tell you the rest but if you Google how to do what I first said, you find a site that says what I was saying about all the above, you got the right site

    Now to fix that battery...

    You need to get a new kernel installed, stock ics kernels nice, but there are some so much better
    . You want to Google litekernel v1.1.1 by thegreatergood and make sure you have clockworkmodrecovery installed
    Now power down the phone, press and hold volume down and power and hold until you see white letters scroll across your screen and let go.

    Depending in the version of two options clockworkrecovery you will either tap or use volume up and down to go up and Down, and power button will use highlighted option. Either way we want to basically do the same thing we did to root the phone, just want to do so with the kernel.

    I am sorry for lack of full disclosed info but I dunno this sites terms of service and wish to not violate them.

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