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Samsung captivate glide vs samsung galaxy s II skyrocket?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kurite, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. kurite

    kurite Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Finally getting a smartphone from at&t and can't decide what to get! So I have a couple questions hopefully you can answer.

    Processor- The captivate has 1GHz Dual-core Tegra 2 Processor while the skyrocket has 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. How big of a difference does this extra .5 GHz make? Also is the Tegra processor somehow better?

    Network- The captivate has 4G speeds delivered by HSPA+ while the skyrocket has 4g. How much better is 4g and can the skyrocket use 3g networks?

    Any other huge differences I should note? I don't care about screen size, camera or any of that.


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  2. euro1990

    euro1990 Newbie

    Glide is PLENTY fast processor-wise, main downfall I say is the rather small 4gb included storage space, so you need to upgrade that with a micro-SD card right away. Other complaint, the pixel density of the Glide screen isn't so great, so things look sorta pixelated unless you zoom in (small text, etc). I would hope the skyrocket has a better pixel density. Definitely look at the screens close-up in the store.

    4G via HSPA and 4G via LTE are 2 totally different things. I have no complaints about the HSPA data speed on my Glide when in a good coverage area, but LTE would blow it away. I'm sure the Skyrocket can connect to 3G / HSPA when LTE isn't available.

    Glide is a great phone overall, but if you don't really care about the physical keyboard and the extra $100 for the Skyrocket doesn't bother you, I'd go Skyrocket. I'm a keyboard junkie though, so I had to have the Glide. It's the only reason I left VZW for AT&T.
  3. mjrei

    mjrei Lurker

    First let me say... Lucky you! Having the dilema of choosing between two great phones.

    Like the other forum members answer, this one's easy. It's really a question of physical keyboard vs. virtual keyboard. I'm a spec and performance junkie... that said, I'm also a keyboard junkie. If you are an email, word doc, texting warrior (like I am), then the Captivate Glide is the Galaxy S II-type phone for you.

    On the other hand if virtual keyboards are fine in your world (again--I personally loathe virtual keyboards), then the Skyrocket is the obvious choice. You probably won't note the difference in the 1ghz vs. 1.5ghz specs as benchmark tests for both are very close. Both phones having dual core and 1gb of RAM is a much bigger difference than the .5ghz in the processor. Gaming with 3D is likely the only time you'd note the difference as graphics processing seems to be the only processing difference. And again, the difference in typical use is neck and neck. 8gb vs. 16gb of onboard storage is no small difference, however, RAM and processor are more important especially with expandable memory available via the micro sd slots on both phones.

    If you're into typing fast and with greater accuracy then a physical keyboard is a must. If someone is into screen size and gaming then the additional graphics processing and screen size become the priority. Both phones are great but the differentiator really is the Glide's slideout qwerty keyboard. I have the Glide and LOVE IT! But, I can't stand virtual keyboards... if I didn't care about that one thing... I go with PhoneDog.com's top Android phone period: the Skyrocket. (Note: the Captivate Glide was in the Top 5 and the Skyrocket was no. 1 in the Top 5! Again, lucky you!)

    BTW, I typed this response from my Captivate Glide. I NEVER would have attempted such a post from a virtual keyboard only phone. Good luck!
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  4. psm

    psm Lurker

    I'm a keyboard guy too, and I'm coming from a Bold 9900. But I'm also a big battery life guy, so my question is, which is better on that front? Skyrocket or Glide? I've seen the stats from the mfg's, but does anyone have any personal experience? Thanks.
  5. euro1990

    euro1990 Newbie

    Glide is pretty good on battery. I would say on days I am using it a lot, it can last the whole day. But during my average day, I keep it plugged in at my desk at work.

    I'm off sick today, and I've been using the phone a fair amount to keep up on work emails, and a bunch of random web browsing, all via wifi. Only made a couple calls, each under 5 minutes. It has been unplugged for just under 8 hours, and I have 43% battery left. Seems pretty decent.

    I have no experience with the Skyrocket, but I've heard that LTE usage really sucks a battery down quickly. I read that on the review of the Google Nexus on VZW. Maybe it's not as bad on the Skyrocket.

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