Root Samsung Captivate - Slow will Rooting help


I am thinking of Rooting but before I do one question.

If I root my phone and a new OS release becomes available like 2.3 GB can I still update even though I am rooted or do I have to unroot then update to 2.3 GB?


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Root it you'll love it. Root does not speed up the phone. Rooting will allow you to take backups (Titanium back up, etc), screenshots, and other things.

Once you root, I'd advise looking at putting new ROMs / kernals that are faster on the phone.

Once you root, do not update to new updates. Look for XDA Roms that have the new updates instead. If you update Over The Air, you will lose root.


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rooting will make it faster due to things like the lag fix and speedmod built into stuff like the serendipity rom.

but rooting alone will not make it faster.


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I did some more research and realized that. Which is fine.

So, I have tried to Root my phone using Z4Root, which I downloaded from here(Andriod Forms), installed it on my phone and ran it. I then downloaded a root check and it said my phone is not rooted.

I am not sure what happened or if I did something wrong, maybe missed a step???

Any help would be appreciated. I have the Samsung Captivate (Rogers Ver. CAD) running 2.2 Froyo.