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Nov 17, 2009
Manchester, Tennessee
The triple surprise is that (a) I don't have it on my new Z Fold 4, which I purchased from Samsung in August 2022; (b) I never had it; and (c) I won't get it, even though Samsung Care Plus is included with the purchase.

Why not?

Apparently buried in the microscopic print, somewhere on the Samsung website, is the condition that users can only have one device registered for Samsung Care Plus at any time. My Care Plus coverage was activated when I purchased my Z Fold 3 in August 2021.

A year later, I upgraded to the Z Fold 4 but guess what doesn't automatically transfer? Because I didn't actively terminate coverage on my Z Fold 3, my new phone wasn't covered. By the time I discovered this little detail, I was past 60 days of ownership and my new phone can't be covered.

So BEWARE that if you upgrade your covered Galaxy device to a newer one, you MUST contact Samsung Care Plus at (866) 371-9501 and remove your old device from coverage before your new device is eligible!
This morning I had the occasion to spend 55 minutes on hold with Samsung Care+, just waiting for a human being to answer. I was assured - every ten freaking seconds of it - that my call was important and would be answered "as soon as possible". After being transferred to the billing/subscription department, no one was able to explain the below email I received just yesterday.

According to the email, my Care+ plan is active. On a device I haven't owned in 6 months. The plan was purchased in September 2021, but active since January 2020 - some 20 months before I even bought the phone. The plan terminated three weeks ago. But by golly, it's active and I'm supposedly covered!

This tells me that Samsung has utter morons working in very important jobs. Thankfully, I called my carrier. Even though we purchase our devices directly from Samsung, Verizon added Total Equipment Coverage to both our lines: no matter what device is on the line, it's covered for absolutely everything that could possibly happen to a phone.

And I dropped Care+ like a bad habit.


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Samsung shows what happens when a business become too big. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

Another perfect example of this is a company called Stellantis, it's an Eurpoan-American car conglomerate located in the Netherlands.