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General Samsung Dart vs. T-Mobile Comet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sanzenbacher, May 19, 2012.

  1. Sanzenbacher

    Sanzenbacher Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 20, 2012
    I've been looking into T-Mobile Monthly 4G, after just ending my previous contract.

    These are the phones available on the Prepaid plans:
    Prepaid Phones | Pay as You Go Android Cell Phones | T-Mobile

    I'm pretty poor, atm, but am re-locating to a cheaper more affordable place. :birthday: So, I have two options. I could just save another month or two (I've been without a cell for like a month, and it's actually freeing). But I did like using the Data plan I had, watching videos, playing games, etc.

    So, if I were to go and just get a cheaper phone right now, it'd be between the:
    Samsung Dart Phone | Reviews, Accessories, Specs, Details | T-Mobile

    Samsung Dart, $99. However, when you scroll down to additional features, it doesn't say anywhere it supports usb tethering...:s:

    Second (cheaper) phone: T-Mobile Comet.
    Refurbished Comet in Black | No Annual Contract | Prepaid | T-Mobile

    Initially, I thought that the Dart would be a much better choice. But I did a few head/head reviews, and they basically seemed the same. The Dart had a little more of something, but IIRC it was nothing worth worrying over. Also, this phone does clearly state in the additional features section that USB Tethering is supported.


    The lady I spoke with told me if I were to go with the Dart, I would need to get that stupid Mobile Hotspot Ready for $15 extra. However, if I have a wireless router, could I just be like "LOL NO U"? Or, if I were to just go with the Comet, would my phone allow for Wi-Fi Sharing and hotspots?

    Can someone explain the three? Obviously, I know tethering via USB to PC, using your phone's data to browse the web.

    The other two, if I have a wireless router, could I not simply use that?


  2. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2012
    Boston, MA
    I recently bought a Samsung Dart (No-Contract package), use WiFi to connect to my home router and use the Internet that way at home, it saves on the battery versus using the mobile network when not on the road.
  3. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    Yes, both the phones are WIFI capable. I have the Dart and use WIFI when I'm home. The Dart has a better build than the Comet is and is more stable. My friend had a Comet for a week and hated it. First, the front popped off. Just popped right off. Exposing the inside of the phone. Second, it loved to freeze up and reboot. So she took it right back and switched it out for the Dart. I think the Dart just looks more attractive and again, much better build. Mine has never lagged or frozen or rebooted. I've had mine since November and it still runs like new. I love it and recommend it for anyone looking for a bargain Android phone without all the frills and whistles :)

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